17-year-old Nordic Divine’ Kim Yun-ji runs for 3 gold medals… “Today’s last game 4 gold medals! We have to win 2 consecutive games in Seoul”

February 14, 2023 0 Comments

Kim Yoon-ji (17, Seoul Gajaeulgo, Seoul Sports Association for the Disabled), ‘the hope of Korea’s Paralympic Sports’, is also running for three gold medals in the 20th Paralympic Winter Games.

Kim Yoon-ji, who will be in her second year of high school in the new year, swept both winter and summer rookie awards for the first time last year, and is a rising star in the sports world for the disabled, receiving expectations from people with disabilities, including Korea Disabled Sports President Jeong Jin-wan바카라사이트.

Yunji Kim, who has already won 6 gold medals in Nordic skiing in the winter and swimming in the summer and 3 gold medals in Nordic skiing in the winter, showed off her outstanding skills in the winter, the second time in her life. Her first medal came in the biathlon 4.5 km (sitting) event on the 11th. He took first place with an overwhelming record of 18 minutes 01, which kept the lead from the beginning of the race and ran a powerful race. There was also a crisis in the 7.5 km (sitting) game. She persevered through the ordeal of falling twice on the final downhill course. Kim Yun-ji jumped up like a tumbler and crossed the finish line first with a record of 27 minutes and 15 seconds. In shooting, 16 out of 20 shots were hit. With his strong stamina and cardiorespiratory endurance built up in swimming, he is showing his talent in extreme events.

In the women’s cross-country skiing 3km classic (sitting) event held on the 12th, her instinct to run continued. She won her gold medal with a time of 8:18.20, beating her personal record from the previous Games by nearly 40 seconds.

Yunji Kim recently proved her competitive edge in international competitions by winning her two silver and two bronze medals at the 2023 Para Nordic Ski World Cup event in Vuokaty, Finland.

After the game, Yunji Kim shared her feelings through the Seoul Sports Association for the Disabled, saying, “I am proud to be able to show a more mature image than last year. I am happy to be able to do it,” he said, expressing his strong will, “I want to win the gold medal in the last 4.5km cross-country race on the 13th and win four gold medals.” She shouted “Fighting!” with the hope that “Seoul won the overall championship last year, and I hope that all the players, including me, will work hard to achieve the second consecutive victory this year.”

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