‘2 consecutive victories’ Jeonju High School prepares a foothold to advance to the finals with the sacrifice of Hwayang High School

March 15, 2023 0 Comments

Jeonju High School has established a bridgehead to advance to the finals.

Jeonju High School defeated Yeosu Hwayang High School 96-83, showing off its mighty firepower in the game on the second day of the preliminaries for the 60th Spring National Male and Female Middle School Basketball Tournament, which continued at Wooseul Gymnasium in Haenam, Jeollanam-do on the 15th. Kim Sang-rok (184cm, G, F) led the team in victory with 26 points, including 7 3-pointers, followed by Park Ya-bes (18 points, 7 rebounds), Jin Hyun-min (16 points, 9 rebounds), and Song Kang-min (16 points, 10 rebounds). supported After two consecutive victories, Jeonju High School is moving closer to advancing to the finals.

On the other hand, Yeosu Hwayang High School was consistently dragged by the opponent and postponed the first win hunt to the next one. Park In-seop (184cm, G, F) recorded a triple-double with 31 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists, but the team lost.

In the Gyeongnam rivalry that followed, Gimhae Gayago defeated Masango 63-54 with an overwhelming rebound advantage (56-24) and won their first victory of the tournament.

In the Group F match, Jemulpo High School and Songdo High School laughed side by side. Jemulpo High School beat Hongdae High School 71-56 with Gu Min-gyo (197cm, F,C) dominating the bottom of the goal, and Songdo High School, with five players scoring double digits, won Daejeon High School 75-74 after a fierce battle and hoped to advance to the finals. continued

In the case of South High School Group G, Inheon High School and Sangsan Electronic High School got the final ticket. At Inheon High School, Jason (188cm, G,F) and Hyunseok Jeong (184cm, G,F), the two eldest brothers, did their part and defeated Gunsan High School 66-51. The two teams with two wins each will compete for first place in the group on the 17th. 안전놀이터

On the other hand, Myongji High School, which had the upper hand in the supply of the Group A match held at Dongbaek Gymnasium, overcame Muryong High School 80-66 and looked forward to advancing to the finals.

In Group B, Gyeseong High School and Gyeongbok High School were the winners. Gyeseong High School boasted superior power and easily beat Cheonan Ssangyong High School with a score of 88-64, while Gyeongbok High School defeated Seok Jun-hui (193cm, G,F) thanks to a dramatic blow from Kwon Jeong-in (188cm, G,F) at the end of the game. Bae Hyeon-shik (193cm, F, C) came from behind to win 77-76 against Anyang High School.

Defending champion Yongsan High School also defeated Gwangju High School 97-35 thanks to the trio of Lee Kwan-woo (180cm, G), Lee Seong-jun (180cm, G), and Lee Yu-jin (200cm, G, F). Kim Seung-woo (194cm, G, F), who recovered from his injury, also stepped on the court for 20 minutes to adjust his condition.

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