2 innings perfect against Samsung, Yomiuri ace Sugano’s hot pitching march, 4 innings against Orix, 1 hit and no runs

March 11, 2023 0 Comments

Sugano Tomoyuki (34, Yomiuri Giants), who recorded two perfect innings against the Samsung Lions, continued his scoreless streak. On the 11th, he started in an exhibition game against the Orix Buffaloes held at Kyocera Dome in Osaka and pitched 4 scoreless innings.

He faced 13 batters and threw 43 pitches, giving up only one hit. He struck out two and caught four walks and no walks. The match against Orix is ​​Sugano’s third match, including the second demonstration match and practice match against Samsung.

He caught three batters with 16 pitches in the first inning. Batters 1 to 3 were treated as 3rd baseman foul fly, 2nd baseman ground ball, and 2nd baseman floating ball. Then, in the second inning, three center hitters from 4th to 6th were set up with a floating ball for the center fielder, a ground ball for the first baseman, and a floating ball for the third baseman. He finished lightly with 7 pitches. Up to one out in the third inning, he hit seven batters in a row.

After one death in the 3rd inning, he gave Orix 8th hitter Genya Wakatsuki a right-handed hit, then struck out two subsequent batters on swings and grounded out the second baseman.

In the fourth inning, Sugano caught the center hitters numbers 2 through 4 one after another with shortstop grounders and finished the pitching schedule. 바카라사이트

Sugano started the match against Samsung held at Cellular Stadium in Naha, Okinawa on the 4th, and recorded no hits and no runs in two innings. He came down the mound after dealing with batters 1-6 in a row with 20 pitches. At that time, Samsung’s No. 2, Ja-wook Koo, struck out.

Yomiuri’s original ace, Sugano, appeared in 23 games last year and recorded 10 wins and 7 losses and an average ERA of 3.12, signaling a revival. After making changes to his pitching form this season, when a problem was discovered, he returned to his original motion.

He made his first mound against the Hiroshima Carps on February 25, and blocked one inning with no hits and no runs. Up to this day, in 2 games of demonstration games, 5 innings, 1 hit and no run. Including the Samsung match, 7 innings, 1 hit and no runs.

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