“2014 will be…

February 18, 2023 0 Comments

…snowy, warmer, colder, better than last year, more fun, less stressful, happier, a good one, just another year, the most important year of my life.”

I polled 10 people today, asking them to fill in the blank, and I got 10 different answers. Turning the page on the calendar means different things to different people, and hope for an excellent year runs highest on this day. Now, I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution. I’m not really sure why, I guess there’s just very little on my mind come January 1st. It’s usually as simple as this:

I’ve never had a lot to think about changing at for the new year. Summer is my off-season, and that’s when I do my reflecting. Now that it’s 2014, I’m still going to put my socks on left foot first, crank the Katy Perry on my early morning commute and keep on snow reportin’ for y’all. And, with that, here’s what’s going on up here at Bolton Valley.

2014 is on pace for 365 days of sunshine! It’s peeking out of the clouds right now and bringing a little blue sky along for the ride. We don’t expect it to last, as it’s supposed to cloud up this afternoon. Let’s hope those clouds come with some dangling snowflakes attached.

Other than sunny, it’s COLD up here today. Currently 4 degrees at the base, which means it’s zero or below at the top. The good news is that it’s not super windy, but with ambient air that chilly, any wind will whip right through you. Definitely layer up if you’re coming to visit us this week, as we expect this frigid grip to hold on through Friday before warming up this weekend.

How’s the Snow:
Considering the aforementioned arctic blast, the snow is actually quite nice. It sounds a little cliche, but if you can handle the cold, you’ll love the conditions. We’re grooming out 12 trails nightly where we’ve made snow this season, so there’s fresh corduroy to be found every morning. With the holiday crowds thinning out a bit바카라사이트, the trails should stay in good shape through much of the day.

If you’re like us, you’ve always got one eye on the weather to see when some more natural snow might come in. I’m looking at you, Friday. I won’t speculate on any possible accumulation, but there’s a chance we could see a nice little storm to freshen things up for the weekend.

What’s Going On:
UPDATE (10:50): Hard Luck is Open
If there’s one thing frigid temps are good for, it’s making snow. And we’ve got an amazing crew to help us out there. Our guys are working on Spillway, which is progressing nicely. With a little luck, we’ll have it opened this weekend. We’re also doing a little work on Upper Villager, with the goal of connecting our mid-mountain area with Timberline in the near future.

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