’35 years old’ Kim Soo-ji’s clock goes backwards… First ‘Bloquin’ challenge

December 12, 2022 0 Comments

Kim Su-ji, a middle blocker from the national women’s volleyball team, is on her way to her personal best season.

Suji Kim is still growing even at the age of 35.

Reporter Hong Seok-joon reports.


Last weekend, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea’s middle blocker Kim Su-ji recorded the most blocks in a single game this season.

The recent momentum of 35-year-old Kim Su-ji, who has been in her 18th season between her team and the now-retired national team, is frightening.

In ‘blocking per set’, an important metric when evaluating middle blockers, he is running second in the category with 0.78.

Ranked 4th in the 2016-17 season, which was ranked in the league’s best 7, is the highest ranking, and the highest number in his playing career is 0.69 last season.

Kim Su-ji, far surpassing his personal best, challenged himself to become the first ‘Bloqueen’ in his life.

Her diligent self-management, comparable to her best friend Kim Yeon-kyung, who still shows off her best skills, has become the basis for her performance.

<Lee Jeong-cheol / Volleyball commentator> “Looking back at them these days, I think my blocking sense has come back a lot. It’s a style that doesn’t leave out things like weight training quite steadily and is good at it.”

In the men’s division, another veteran is making a big comeback.

The 32-year-old OK Financial Group Leo, who is playing the 5th season of the V-League, is setting a record in every recent game.

‘Cuban Bomber’ Leo achieved the second triple crown ever in one set and the fourth triple crown in three consecutive matches in a weekend match.

The sub-ace also became a record breaker this season, averaging one per set.

This Friday, Leo will challenge 4 consecutive triple crowns, an uncharted territory, in a head-to-head match against KB Insurance. 메이저놀이터

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