A national club, the ‘Festival of the Hundred Goo’… A spike in friendship, ‘Pang Pang’

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The ‘2023 15th Yongin Special City-Gyeonggi Ilbo National Men’s and Women’s Life Sports Volleyball Competition’, a festival for volleyball enthusiasts across the country, was held in Yongin Special City for three days from the 9th to the 11th, strengthening friendship and harmony.

Co-hosted by the Gyeonggi Daily and the Yongin Special City Sports Association and sponsored by the Yongin Special City Volleyball Association and the Yongin Special City Council, more than 1,400 athletes competed in nine venues, including the former Police College Gymnasium.

The tournament was divided into the men’s general division, which included former players, as well as the men’s (Jangki and Katuri) and women’s (pink azalea and fir) clubs, and the men’s and women’s university divisions.스포츠토토

In the men’s general category, Consensus defeated With Win with a set score of 2 to 1.

In the women’s collegiate final, players from Korea Gymnastics University and Seoul National University competed in a heated match. Sibum Kim and Wonkyu Yoon Reporters
In the Men’s Club 3 Division (Jangki), VNUE defeated KCK-K 2-1, and in the Men’s Club 3 Division (Katuri), ONE defeated Volleyball King 2-0 in straight sets to take the top spot.

In the Women’s Club 3 (Pink Azalea), Anyang Sky defeated Always Volleyball Club 2-1 in straight sets, and in the Women’s Club 3 (Fir), Seoul Volleyball Club swept GVT 2-0 to lift the trophy.

In the men’s collegiate division, Hansae University defeated Gongju University 2-1 in straight sets, and in the women’s collegiate division, Korea Gymnastics University defeated Seoul National University 2-0 to win the title.

The men’s and women’s champions received a cash prize of 700,000 won, as well as trophies and certificates. The runners-up each received a prize of 500,000 won and a trophy, while the third-place finishers received 300,000 won, a trophy, and a certificate.

Meanwhile, at the opening ceremony held at the former Police University Gymnasium on the afternoon of the 10th, Yongin Special Mayor Lee Sang-il, Yoon Won-gyun, Chairman of the Yongin Special City Council, Shin Hang-cheol, CEO of Kyunggi Ilbo, and other key figures attended and encouraged volleyball enthusiasts from all over the country.

Mayor Lee Sang-il
Interview with Mayor Lee Sang-il
“Standing tall at the National Living Sports Competition… Expanding the base of volleyball”

“Welcome to Yongin Special City to the athletes who participated in the ‘Yongin Special City-Gyeonggi Daily National Men’s and Women’s Living Sports Volleyball Competition,’ which is in its 15th year.”

Yongin Special City Mayor Lee Sang-il has been supporting the tournament for the past nine days. The tournament is expected to greatly expand the popularity of volleyball and other sports in Yongin.

“Yongin Special City, which has emerged as a high-tech industry and cultural and sports center in Korea, is making great efforts to promote citizen happiness by creating an environment where everyone can enjoy living sports,” said Lee.

“I would also like to express my gratitude to Shin Hang-cheol, CEO of the Gyeonggi Daily, and Park Se-hwan, president of the Yongin Volleyball Association, for their efforts to organize a tournament where everyday athletes who love volleyball can showcase their skills to the fullest,” he added.

In conclusion, the mayor said, “I will continue to support the ‘Yongin Special City-Gyeonggi Daily National Life Sports Volleyball Tournament,’ which has been loved by volleyball players for 15 years, so that it can develop into a tournament representing Korea’s life sports. I hope you enjoy the tournament without any injuries, and I hope that the happiness you feel at the tournament will serve as a driving force to revitalize your daily life.”

Competition Highlights

Korea Gymnastics doubles its joy as men and women ‘win together’

Students from KU won the men’s and women’s volleyball titles at the Yongin National Games. The women’s team, who had already won the title, didn’t move from their seats and asked the referees about the men’s game. When they hear that KU has won the men’s title as well, the women’s team screams with joy. After arriving at the awards ceremony, the athletes look at each other and laugh hysterically. Their faces are full of smiles.

■ Following her ‘volleyball fanatic’ husband… I’m hooked on volleyball!

At the Yongin National Gender Equality and Sports Volleyball Tournament, there was a woman who was enjoying the game while cheering at the top of her lungs with a 7-year-old girl. The main character is Ms. Kim Soo-ji (31) from Seoul. She started playing volleyball as a way to lose weight, but now she is a volleyball fanatic. She and her husband often visit volleyball courts to watch professional matches. She even learned the rules of the game. Watching her husband sweat through healthy exercise has made her cheer for him. Her husband is 188 centimeters tall. When her daughter enters elementary school, she says she’ll try to get her to play volleyball like Kim Yeon-kyung.

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