Achieved 3 consecutive wins and treble… ‘Korean Air World’

April 4, 2023 0 Comments

In the 3rd match of the men’s volleyball championship, Korean Air defeated Hyundai Capital and reached the top with 3 consecutive wins. Korean Air made the world known by achieving the second treble in history after winning three consecutive combined championships.

This is Reporter Yoo Byung-min.


Korean Air gave up two sets to the counterattack of Hyundai Capital, which was driven to the brink.

In a moment of crisis, Korean Air showed its back.

Korean Air won the 3rd set with Jung Ji-seok’s powerful serve, and the triangular formation of Lincoln, Jeong Ji-seok, and Kwak Seung-seok exploded under setter Han’s skillful management of the game, winning the 4th set and returning the match to the starting point.

And when the victory was confirmed with Lincoln’s spike in the final 5th set, all the players ran out and enjoyed the joy of winning their 4th overall. 메이저사이트

Korean Air has achieved three consecutive wins from the 2020-2021 season, and this season, it won the cup competition, regular league, and championship match, flying high with the second treble in men’s volleyball history.

Korean Air’s pilot, Player Han, was chosen as the MVP of the championship match.

[Han / Korean Air: The first goal I set was 4 consecutive championships. I hope next year will be such a day where I can stand here for an interview.]

Hyundai Capital knelt down due to poor physical strength, but congratulated Korean Air and showed the dignity of a loser.

Men’s volleyball reaffirmed the majesty of the Korean Air dynasty and ended a six-month campaign.

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