Ansan Greeners Received 30 Million Won in Donation from DK&D

December 13, 2022 0 Comments

Ansan Greeners received a donation of 30 million won from DK&D Co., Ltd. for the revitalization and development of the club.

The donation delivery ceremony held at Ansan City Hall on the 8th was attended by Ansan Greeners owner Lee Min-geun, CEO Lee Jong-geol, and DK&D CEO Choi Min-seok.

DK&D, located in Ansan, is a global company that produces and supplies synthetic leather and non-woven fabrics to the global market, boasting the world’s best scale and competitiveness. The materials and products produced by DK&D go through processing and manufacturing, and are supplied to all fields, including not only fashion, clothing, and sports brands such as Max Mara, Moncler, Nike, and Adidas, but also automobiles, aviation, and home appliances. 스포츠토토

DK&D is also taking the lead in realizing social values ​​through coexistence with the local community. In 2020, he also delivered a helping hand to the underprivileged by donating 40 million won and 30,000 masks to Ansan City. In addition, since 2019, it has been selected as a youth-friendly small but strong company for four consecutive years, received a commendation for contribution to the development of the local economy, and received a presidential commendation at the 2022 Small and Medium Business Competition, and is growing as an excellent company.

DK&D CEO Choi Min-seok said, “I hope Ansan Greeners will become a more developed city in 2023 and become a culture of Ansan City by providing various attractions to citizens. DK&D executives and employees will also become supporters of Ansan Greeners and will cheer hard so that they can give strength to the team.”

Lee Min-geun, owner of the Ansan Greeners, said, “I know that the corporate economic situation is difficult these days, but I sincerely thank DK&D Co., Ltd. for making a donation for the development of the local civic club. As a professional club representing Ansan City, we will work even harder to become a club that is closer to many citizens.”

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