Beautiful golfer’ Park Jin-yi and Park-gun

January 11, 2023 0 Comments

Jini Park eats rice with Goon Park, Jung Irang, and Yujin Oh.

Pro golfer Jini Park has signed an exclusive contract with Total Set, a general entertainment company.

On the 11th, Total Set signed an exclusive contract with professional golfer Park Jin-yi, who appeared in various entertainment programs including golf competitions and imprinted his star quality on the public. In the future, we will support Park Jin-yi to show off his various charms to the public.”

Jini Park has been active as a professional golfer, joining the KLPGA in 2014 and finishing runner-up on the Dream Tour in 2017. In 2020, he turned to a lesson pro and participated in SBS Golf ‘Lesson Factory 2’, ‘Thanks Golf Donation Challenge’, ‘Golf Academy’, He has appeared in various golf entertainment programs such as ‘Fall in Golf’. Recently, he is expanding his territory to general entertainment, such as SBS FiL ‘Beautiful’ and TV Chosun ‘Golf King 4’. 메이저놀이터

In particular, as Park Jin-yi has been recognized not only for his beautiful appearance, but also for his cheerful, bright and positive energy, and excellent hosting skills through his existing broadcasting activities, his full-fledged spottainer activities are raising expectations.

On the other hand, Total Set, which Park Jin-yi joined, is led by singer Park Goon, as well as harmonium, Oh Yu-jin, the three musketeers, actors Jeong Rang, Lee Kwan-hoon, and broadcasters Jeong Hae-chul, Lee Jin-bong, Park Ha-yoon, and Kim Dong-chan.

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