Bitgaram Yun, remarks to former team coach “I couldn’t do it because I didn’t train”

February 7, 2023 0 Comments

“I didn’t run out because I didn’t train, it wasn’t because I didn’t train.”

Yoon Bit-garam (32), who left Jeju United and moved to Suwon FC, made a statement to Jeju coach Ki-il Nam (49). It is unusual for him to express his dissatisfaction with the head coach of his immediate team after transferring in public. He directly corrected rumors that he had left the team during the season whil메이저놀이터e not getting many opportunities to play last season.

Yoon Bit-garam attended the 2023 K-League winter field training media camp held at the Barev Hotel in Jeju on the 7th and said, “There was not much communication (with coach Nam Ki-il last season). I think there was once or twice.” There were thoughts that didn’t fit together,” he said.

He said, “There is something that many fans misunderstand. I didn’t run out of the clubhouse because I didn’t train. It was because I didn’t train.” “he added.

Coincidentally, on the morning of the same day, coach Nam Ki-il held a press conference with the Jeju club, saying, “It is regrettable that I did not communicate much with Yoon Bit-garam last season. I didn’t agree with Yun Bit-garam’s thoughts.”

Yoon Bit-garam said, “The director apologized saying he was sorry, but I have regrets about why he couldn’t say it at that time.” added.

Yoon Bit-garam left Ulsan Hyundai last year and moved to Jeju, receiving a lot of attention. This is because Jeju is a team that Yoon Bitgaram took from 2013 to 2015 and returned to in 2017 after playing for Yanben FC in China. Even at the time of joining last year, the Jeju club expressed it as “the return of the ace”, saying, “We recruited Asian MVP Yoon Bit-garam.”

In fact, Yun Bit-garam started from the opening game of last season, but after that, the number of places to stand sharply decreased, and he could not even make an entry for nearly four months from April. However, after August, due to changes in team tactics and internal circumstances, he continued to receive opportunities, such as starting in 11 out of 12 games.

An official from the soccer world said, “I know that coach Nam Gi-il apologized to Yoon Bit-garam at the time, and he apologized again at an official event on this day.” It’s a pity that Yoon Bit-garam seems to be stuck in the past, while he learned lessons to do better.”

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