Both winners and losers laughed.

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“The season is not over yet, but the team members did well, so we were able to rank first in the regular league. I will prepare. There is no particularly difficult team.” (Director Jeong-Kwan Jang Cheon-Nok Choi Myung-Hoon)

“I will prepare well as much as I went up hard. (Ulsan Korea Zinc Director Park Seung-hwa)

Ulsan Korea Zinc dramatically advanced to the postseason. On the evening of the 11th, in the 2022-2023 KB Kookmin Bank Baduk League 19th week 2 matches (Sudam League 10th round 2 matches) held at the Baduk TV studio, I got on the train to PS even after losing 2-3 to Jeonggwanjang Cheonnok.

Ulsan Goryeo Yeon, who takes the ticket even with just 1 point, was in crisis as 1st pick Shin Min-jun 9p and 2nd pick Choi Jeong 9p were completely defeated by 1st pick Byeon Sang-il 9p and 2nd pick Hong Seong-ji 9p, respectively.안전놀이터

The players who made a breakthrough in the desperate situation were the lower nominations who did not have many appearances. 4th pick Yun Jun-sang 9th dan Kim Jeong-hyeon 8th dan and 5th pick Park Hyeon-soo 5th dan beat Kim Seung-jin 3rd dan, securing a valuable 1 point. In the ace match, Choi Jeong 9th Dan lost to Byeon Sangil 9th ​​Dan, but the team score of 2-3 allowed them to bring 1 point like a thousand gold.

Ulsan Korea Zinc ranked second with 27 points. On the other hand, a dark shadow was cast on Go Mecca Uijeongbu (26 points), a position to watch the results of competing teams. Sooryeohan Hapcheon (25 points) must lose to Nippon Ki-won (5 points) in the Sudam League final match to be held on the 12th for Go Mecca’s government to advance.

The individual matches between Nippon Ki-in and Sooryehan Hapcheon are Sakai Yuki-Park Jeong-hwan (0:0), Seki Kotaro-Kim Jin-hui (0:1), Fukuoka Kotaro-Park Young-hoon (0:0), Hirose Yuichi-Yu Oh-seong (0:0, in parentheses) relative).

For the first time in history, the two major leagues run the regular season, with 12 teams playing 16 games each, with the top three teams in each league advancing to the postseason. 3 points for a 4-0 or 3-1 win, 2 points for a 3-2 win and 1 point for a 2-3 loss.

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