Busy Jeonbuk, Kim Jin-soo left for 2 months → Jung Woo-jae’s shoulders are heavy

March 31, 2023 0 Comments

Bad news is overlapping Jeonbuk Hyundai, which is challenging to win. At the time when it was necessary to seek a leap to the top, Kim Jin-soo (31), a key resource, withdrew from the power. 

Kim Jin-soo, who was called by coach Jürgen Klinsmann, started a friendly match against Colombia on the 24th and complained of back pain in the 24th minute of the first half, and was replaced by Lee Ki-je (Suwon Samsung). Kim Jin-soo got injured while playing in the air with two opposing strikers, and was carried off the ground by the coaches. 

On the 27th, the Korea Football Association (KFA) said, “As a result of a close examination, Kim Jin-soo’s fracture of the left transverse process of the 2nd lumbar vertebrae was confirmed. According to the opinion of the national team doctor, it seems that about 6 weeks of treatment and rest will be needed.” Two months later, observations were made that a return to the ground was possible.

This is a big bad news for Jeonbuk, which is busy on the way. Jeonbuk, which shouted for the treble (winning the K-League, FA Cup, and Asian Football Confederation Champions League), is going through hardships at the beginning of the season. With a record of 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses in 4 league matches, they are in 8th place among 12 K-League 1 teams. Fans’ dissatisfaction, which has been piling up since last season, is growing.

Commentator Kim Hyung-beom said, “It seems that the problems with the fans appear in the atmosphere. that’s really important It is very difficult to reverse (the atmosphere),” he said. “(Previously) when the players entered the game, they had the idea that they could ‘not lose’ and ‘can reverse’, but these things are said to have disappeared (now) a lot.”

At the point of aiming for a rebound, Kim Jin-soo’s vacancy is painful for Jeonbuk. Left fullback Kim Jin-soo played a key role in air defense in Jeonbuk, where the national team’s resources were gathered. He played at the league MVP level last season. At the same time as adding a sense of stability to the rear, he opened the attack with an elaborate left foot kick following a side breakthrough.  

Now, that role must be taken over by Jung Woo-jae, a fullback of the same age. Ahead of this season, Jung Woo-jae, who wore a Jeonbuk uniform in a trade with Lee Ju-yong, has never worn the Taegeuk mark, but is classified as a representative player. After making his professional debut in 2014, he has secured starting positions in each team.  메이저사이트

Jung Woo-jae, who played for Daegu FC and Jeju United, is a fullback with excellent attacking instincts such as carrying the ball and making sharp crosses. His main foot is his right foot, but he is also a two-footed fullback with high accuracy with his left foot. He has been selected twice (season 2016 and season 2020) as the right and left flank defender, respectively, in the K-League 2 season best 11. 

Committee member Kim Hyung-beom said, “Having a defender who is good at both defense and attack like Kim Jin-soo on the team is a big burden to the opposing striker. Since both fullbacks in Jeonbuk play such a role, the opposing strikers have no choice but to pay attention to the defense. (With Kim Jin-soo’s absence), there will be blows to the team, but we have to get through it,” he said. “Jung Woo-jae is also a good player. (Initially) I know that he trained to use it as a starter.” 

Jung Woo-jae played just one game against Gwangju FC on the 12th (2-0 win). He was put in place of Kim Jin-soo, who even started, and walked the pitch for 4 minutes. Jung Woo-jae recently played for the Jeonbuk B team (K4 League) and built up a sense of real combat. His shoulders are heavy because he has to fill the void left by Kim Jin-soo right away, but it is also an opportunity for him to solidify his position. 

Jeonbuk will play the K League 1 Round 5 home game against Pohang Steelers, who are running undefeated in 4 matches (2 wins, 2 draws), at 2:00 pm on the 1st of next month at Jeonju World Cup Stadium.

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