“Chelsea needs me”… ’38 years old’ Silva, confidence to renew the contract

February 2, 2023 0 Comments

Thiago Silva, who is playing as a main player for Chelsea even at the age of 38, expressed confidence in renewing the contract.

Silva is Chelsea’s irreplaceable player. Since joining Chelsea in 2020, he has brought his experience into the squad, leading the team to victory in international competitions, including winning the UEFA Champions League (UCL). This season, he also appeared in 23 matches in all competitions, which is the most appearances among centre-backs.

It’s an incredible performance. Silva is 38 this year, an age that any average player would consider retiring or moving to a lower league. Even Cristiano Ronaldo, the embodiment of self-management, left for Saudi Arabia at the age of 37 unable to overcome his deterioration. However, even though Silva is a year older than him,스포츠토토 he is becoming a ray of light for Chelsea, which has become an injury ward with his unshakable performance and physical condition.

He is currently discussing renewing his contract. Even though there is a risk factor called ‘aging curve’, Chelsea also feels that Silva’s existence is a great benefit to the team every game. He spends 611.49 million euros (approximately 823.4 billion won) in the transfer market this season, and this is the reason why he is pushing for a new contract even though he has reinforced only three central defenders.

Silva also expressed confidence in extending his contract. “We are negotiating (a new contract),” he told Brazil’s ESPN. “Everything will happen in the next few days. My intention with the club is to stay together. I know Chelsea need me.” Chelsea both said they want to keep going.

The sense of responsibility was great as well. Silva said: “I am here to help Chelsea. I know from my experience that I can help in rebuilding this club. I will do this with pleasure and I know that my responsibility is very great.” He said that he would share his experience with his juniors not only in terms of performance but also in the rebuilding process.

According to the UK’s ‘Daily Mail’, Silva is enjoying life in London and has stated that he wants to continue playing football at the highest level until he is 40.

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