‘Chicken instead of pheasant’ Arsenal writes trosar like this… 3 ways to use it

January 21, 2023 0 Comments

How will Arsenal’s freshman Leandro Trossar be used?

On the 21st (Korean time), Arsenal officially announced on the club website, “We have signed a long-term contract with Belgian national team Trossar. His uniform number is 19.” Arsenal paid a transfer fee of 27 million pounds (approximately 41.3 billion won) and unveiled the number 1 recruitment in the winter transfer market.

‘Chicken over pheasant’ Arsenal chose Trosar over Mikhailo Mudrik. In fact, it is anti-coercive. Arsenal wanted Moudrik before the winter transfer window, but Chelsea offered a huge amount and it was taken away in front of their eyes. The resource chosen instead of Mudrik is Trosar. Now Arsenal just have to think about how to use Trossar.

Trosar basically plays as a left wing forward. Based on his excellent technique, high intelligence, and powerful kick, Trosar, who is highly utilized on the left, has shown outstanding appearance in Brighton and the Belgian national team.

At Arsenal, there is a high possibility of competing with Gabriel Martinelli. From the middle of last season, Martinelli started to establish himself as Arsenal’s main winger, and he has been performing well this season as well. His playing style is also similar. As much as his skill and quick feet, he has the appearance of a crack that can break his side. I am looking forward to a head-to-head match with the same right-footed left winger Martinelli and Trossar.

Another use is as a left wingback. Trossar was also used as a left wing-back in the back three under manager Graham Porter at Brighton. At that time, you can use Trosar’s aggression to provide active overlapping.

Still, he is unlikely to be used as a left wingback. This is because ‘professional fullback’ Oleksandr Zinchenko and Kieran Tierney are already holding on. Still, there is a possibility that Trosar will play at left wing-back, as both Zinchenko and Tierney are plagued by frequent injuries.메이저놀이터

The last one is the attacking midfielder. In an interview with Arsenal, Trossar revealed that the attacking midfielder is his favorite position. Of course, this position is also holding on to Martin Odegaard and Fabio Vieira, but when tactical changes are needed, Trossar can be used as an attacking midfielder. Other than that, he is proving to be a versatile player as he can also play in the false nine (false number 9) position.

It cannot be ignored that Trosar has shown a strong side against big clubs. Trosar has scored a total of 25 goals in the English Premier League (EPL). A whopping 13 of those goals were scored against the ‘Big 6’. We can expect more of his performance in his big matches.

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