Chinese short track director “I was moved by the spiritual leader Lim Hyo-joon”

April 5, 2023 0 Comments

Lim Hyo-Jun (27) received rave reviews for leading the Chinese short track team not only in his skills but also in his mindset. Lim Hyo-joon, a gold medalist at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, became a naturalized citizen after giving up his Korean nationality in June 2020.

Jiang Jing (50), coach of the Chinese national short track team, said in an interview reported by the daily newspaper ‘Zhongguorubao’ on the 1st, “Hyojun Lim is the leader of the juniors who train together in terms of motivation, passion and spirit.”

Zhongguorbao is a national newspaper sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and managed by the Information Office of the State Council. Director Jiang Jing admired, saying, “Not only the method, but all the details of the training, such as voluntary planning and self-management, are very impressive to the juniors.”

Lim Hyo-jun contributed to China’s gold medal in men’s relay and silver medal in mixed relay at the 2023 International Skating Union (ISU) Short Track World Championships held at Mok-dong Indoor Ice Rink (capacity: 5,000) on the 10th and 12th of last month in Seoul, Korea.

Compared to standing tall as the short track world number one with five gold medals, including the individual all-around championship, at the 2019 World Championships, where he last participated as a member of the Korean national team, the results of this competition may be shabby.

However, even though he crossed the finish line first, he missed the gold medal in the individual event due to a mistaken rule violation (not wearing measuring equipment). He also picked up his mind and helped China win two prizes in the team event. Selected as ‘skater of the week’.

One gold and one silver are all medals won by China at the 2023 World Short Track Championships. This is probably another reason why Lim Hyo-jun was selected as the International Skating Federation’s Weekly MVP.

Director Jang Jing said, “Juniors are learning from seniors who have experienced the best position. Not satisfied with small achievements, he began to meet higher and higher standards. not because someone made it Taking Lim Hyo-jun as an example, they are changing completely voluntarily,” he said, introducing positive changes in the Chinese short track team. 토토사이트

Joong Wi-cheon (25) also joked, “The rest of the athletes, including myself, are Lim Hyo-jun’s bodyguards,” in the contents of the World Short Track Championships settlement on the Chinese portal site “Wang Yi (English name: NetEase)”, giving an idea of ​​the atmosphere of the national team.

This season, Zhong Wei-chun was the number two player in the Chinese national team after Lim Hyo-jun in the 500m event, including one runner-up in the short track World Cup series. He cheerfully admitted that it was better, even though it was a relationship that could have been an inside rivalry.

Head coach Jiang Jing said, “There are differences in all areas, such as speed, stamina, physical combat, mental strength for victory, explosive power, agility, start, rhythm of play, etc., but there is still a big gap”, saying that Lim Hyo-jun is superior to his juniors in the Chinese national team. Explained.

Joong Wicheon also said, “I know that everyone on the Chinese short track team is an ‘assistant’ compared to Lim Hyo-jun. He gets noticed everywhere. he has a unique style He shows off his elegant figure both in play and in everyday life,” expressing honest admiration.

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