Cho Hyeon-taek, who returned to his hometown team Ulsan, “You can look forward to a powerful left-footed kick”

January 20, 2023 0 Comments

They say my left foot kick is so-called ‘patta (power)’. You can look forward to it.”

Cho Hyeon-taek (21), left-sided defender of Ulsan Hyundai of the professional soccer K League 1 (Part 1), whom we met at the recent K-League field training media camp held in Ulsan, said, “In the off-season (without team training), the coach gave me individual guidance since elementary school. Find a private lesson. He mainly practices shooting with his left foot. During this period, he practiced a lot of free kicks. He also prepares for actual matches through image training,” he laughed.

Cho Hyun-taek is the next-generation left-sided defender that the soccer world is paying attention to. After graduating from Shingalgo, he joined Ulsan in 2020 and spent two years on loan at K-League 2 (Part 2) Bucheon FC from 2021. Last season, Cho Hyun-taek participated in 34 games and recorded 6 goals and 4 assists. After he finished the season he was named the 2nd division best 11 defender. He went through various age groups, including under-20 and under-23. 스포츠토토

Cho Hyeon-taek, who has a good left-footed kick and is active in overlapping, was chosen by Hwang Seon-hong, coach of the Olympic team. Cho Hyun-taek was selected for the Olympic team in September of last year and scored a goal with a left-footed mid-range shot in the 33rd minute of the second half in an evaluation match against Uzbekistan held in Hwaseong (1-1 draw). Cho Hyun-taek looked back and said, “People around me said that my left foot kick had a good flying trajectory with ‘patta’.” He scored four goals last season with his left foot.

Cho Hyeon-taek, who successfully completed his rental life in Bucheon, returned to Ulsan. Ulsan has become a team that has to protect the champion’s position. Cho Hyeon-taek, who is adapting in Ulsan, said, “I am nervous yet excited to work with my brothers who have won the championship. It is an atmosphere in which his older brothers are trying to take care of young players. I get a lot of advice,” he said. “Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo said, ‘I played a lot of games in Bucheon, so I’ll need a break.'”

Cho Hyun-taek, who said, “It is true that it is burdensome to receive high expectations,” has to adapt to the first division. There are many differences between Part 1 and Part 2, such as the play style. Cho Hyun-taek also said, “Part 2 focuses on attack, sending a lot of balls to the front. The attacking initiative changes frequently, so the game tempo is fast. On the other hand, Division 1 has many players with excellent individual skills. I think he has a lot of plays that have a lot of possession of the ball.”

What is urgent for Cho Hyun-taek is to have a sense of stability in defense. He has to play his role starting with defense so that he can gain an advantage over competitors in the same position, such as Seol Young-woo and Lee Myung-jae. Cho Hyun-taek said, “I learned a lot about defense problems from Hwang Seon-hong, coach of the Olympic team. Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo points out the selection of defensive positions.”

Cho Hyeon-taek, born in 2001, is subject to the K-League’s ’22-year-old rule (increased replacement cards for players under the age of 22)’. Coach Hong Myung-bo also expressed his intention to use him moderately. Cho Hyun-taek said, “First of all, my goal is to play many games. The target number of games is 20 regardless of starting or substitution. If I perform well this year, this season will be a big change for me. It depends how I do it. I will play with a happy heart,” he emphasized.

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