Choi Doo-ho “Four years left… Martial arts that I devoted my life to, I don’t want to regret”

February 3, 2023 0 Comments

 ‘Korean Super Boy’ Choi Doo-ho (31, Team Mad) returns to the Octagon after 3 years and 3 months.

He will face Kyle Nelson at featherweight at UFC Fight Night 218 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas on the 5th (Korean time).

He is on a three-game losing streak. Moreover, it has been more than six years since I tasted the pleasure of victory after defeating Thiago Tavares by KO in July 2016.

desperate and earnest

Choi Doo-ho expressed his anticipation before returning on Chansung Jung’s YouTube channel, ‘Chansung Jeong Korean Zombie’, saying, “Fighter is a job that needs to be proven, but it’s been too long since I couldn’t prove it. This time, it’s finally time to show it. I want to fight quickly.”

He said, “I tend to think that I was complacent. I could have worked harder, but I didn’t.”

Time passed and I got older. Choi Doo-ho, in his 30s스포츠토토 , can look into what was the problem in the past.

Choi Doo-ho strengthened his stamina while training with Jeong Chan-sung ahead of this match. He plans to secure victory by managing the game by filling up 15 minutes of the third round.

“I think I got tired quickly because I was moving to KO the opponent from the beginning to the end. It’s not that I didn’t do physical training. I gained confidence in it. I think I can win by harassing my opponent in a physical battle.”

Jung Chan-seong, who will fight with Choi Doo-ho’s second on the octagon side, tries to hold on to Choi Doo-ho’s killer instinct for a while.

Jeong Chan-sung said, “I think I can see Super Boy’s game management this time.” “Of course, each player has a tendency. Doo-ho may break into the octagon. My role this time is to control it.” .

Choi Doo-ho is already in his 30s. Now that he realizes that a fighter’s life isn’t infinite, he said calmly that he doesn’t want to leave any regrets behind.

“I’m quite old now. Having played a lot, I think I can play for about 4 more years. In the past, I thought I would be able to compete for the rest of my life. Now, I love this sport the most in my life and started thinking about it all day long. I think I can only do it for 4 years now. I hope there will be no regrets when I get older and can no longer do this sport that I loved so much that I devoted my life to it.”

UFC Fight Night 218, featuring Choi Doo-ho, will also feature light heavyweight Jeong Da-woon, middleweight Park Jun-yong, and women’s flyweight Kim Ji-yeon.

There is also a road to UFC final where the UFC contract is at stake. Lee Jung-young will face Lee Ji-ja of China at featherweight. Choi Seung-guk and Park Hyeon-seong compete in a single-legged match in the flyweight final.

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