Choi Kyung-ju, who competed with juniors the same age as his son, hit 4 under par in the first round of the new year

January 13, 2023 0 Comments

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Choi Kyung-ju, who declared that he would focus on the PGA Tour, not the senior tour, from this year, was named the leader in the first round of the first tournament of the new year.

While competing with his juniors who were younger than his son, he was looking forward to winning.

Overseas Sports, Reporter Heo Jae-won reports.

The pioneer of the PGA Tour in Korea, Kyung-Joo Choi recorded 4 under par on the first day of the Sony Open with accurate putts.

He declared that he would focus on the PGA Tour instead of the senior tour from this year, and he showed his potential by jumping into the championship competition from the first tournament.

[Kyung-Joo Choi / PGA Pro Golfer: I remembered a lot of situations (winning the 2008 Sony Open) and had a good round. Of course, there were a few mistakes, but I made up for them with the putter.]

Kim Joo-hyung, who emerged as a star on the PGA Tour this season, showed off a picturesque tee shot in the 7th hole, but started sluggishly by losing two strokes, including a double bogey in the 13th hole. I did.메이저놀이터

Im Seong-jae also caught 2 birdies, but ended up with 1 over par in the sluggish performance of 3 bogies.

Jordan Spieth of the United States tied for the lead at 6 under par, capturing 7 birdies with elaborate putts.

João Felix, on loan from Atletico Madrid to Chelsea, receives a red card in the 13th minute for a dangerous tackle.

After being sent off on his Chelsea debut, Felix received the lowest rating of 3 from British football publication Football London.

Chelsea, who fell into the worst slump this season, gave up the winning goal to Vinicius in the 28th minute of the second half and lost to Fulham 1-2 in the 28th minute.

They tried to bounce back through the recruitment of Felix, but rather fell to 10th place in the Premier League amidst the shock of Felix being sent off.

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