Chris Paul Responds to Trade Rumors: ‘My Contract Is Still On’

May 16, 2023 0 Comments

Paul opened up about his trade rumors.

The Phoenix Suns recruited Kevin Durant (206cm, F) to achieve a great deal this season. Although they let go of Mikal Bridges (198cm, F) and Cameron Johnson (203cm, F) during the recruitment process, they were still selected as strong candidates for the championship.

Durant hasn’t played for a while due to an injury since moving to Phoenix. However, Phoenix with Durant boasted tremendous destructive power. Recorded all wins in 8 matches played by Durant. At the end of the season, they finished 4th in the Western Conference with tremendous momentum.

Phoenix’s opponent in the playoffs was the Los Angeles Clippers. Although they gave up the first game, they advanced to the second round of the playoffs after recording four consecutive wins. However, during the process, Durant and Devin Booker (196cm, G) suffered physical issues while digesting a tremendous amount of time.

The second round of the playoffs started like that. The opponent was the Denver Nuggets, who ranked first in the Western Conference. They lost the first game by 18 points. And in the second game, the big bad news was the injury of Chris Paul (183cm, G). They caught Game 3 and Game 4, but after that, Phoenix’s season ended with a two-game losing streak.메이저사이트

After being knocked out in the second round, Phoenix sacked coach Monty Williams. In addition, there are rumors about Paul’s trade, which is not being as active as in the past due to aging.

At this, Paul opened his mouth. Paul said in an interview with ‘AZ Central’, “I know that there are rumors of my trade. But my contract is still there,” he said of trade rumors.

“But I am not a general manager, I am a player. For now, you have to wait and see. But I want to stay in Phoenix,” he said, sharing his honest feelings.

Paul averaged 13.9 points, 8.9 assists, 4.3 rebounds, 1.5 steals, and 37 percent 3-point shooting this season. It is still powerful, but its aggressiveness is different from the past. His scoring average was the lowest since his debut. He was also not free from injuries. He played only 59 games in the regular season, and suffered an injury in Game 2 of the second round of the playoffs and was unable to play the rest of the season. That’s why Paul’s trade rumors come out.

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