Clutch hitter vs strike king… Crying and laughing at the foreign batter

May 10, 2023 0 Comments

Each professional baseball team is crying and laughing at the performance of foreign hitters.
There are ‘filial mercenaries’ that won’t hurt even if you put it in your eyes, but there are also mercenaries that only burn the inside.
Reporter Kim Han-jun covered the story.

Hit, hit again, hit again even if you can’t hit anymore.

This is Austin Dean, a foreign hitter from LG who scored 4 hits in one game.

Austin is erasing LG’s dark history of foreign batters with clothesline-like batting balls.

He even pulled off a home run like a stinger missile with an exit velocity of 180.1 km.

▶ Interview: Austin / LG Twins first baseman
– “My only goal is to win the Korean Series. I want to help the team win by maximizing my abilities.”

SSG’s Guillermo Heredia scored 6 final strokes with aggressive hitting.

As the 1st place in the finals league, it is becoming the 1st place contributor to SSG’s lead water.

▶ Interview: Heredia / SSG Landers Outfielder (Last 3rd)
– “I came to Korea to win, so I feel great when I contribute to the victory.”메이저놀이터

However, Hanwha’s Brian O’Grady only struck out in numerous chances, let alone a home run.

The strikeout rate was 46% with 31 strikeouts in 68 at-bats, but was struck out on a swing with a 139 km fastball and was eventually demoted to the second group.

▶ Standing: Kim Han-joon / Reporter
– “Foreign batters who play a large part in the team’s strength, and the clubs’ joys and sorrows are mixed with their performance. This is MBN News Kim Han-joon.”

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