Coaches of 155km prospects, shocked by fan criticism… Will I become the rookie of the year even if I save 50

February 8, 2023 0 Comments

 An unexpected thing happened.

Kim Seo-hyun, a rookie pitcher who is the top prospect in the 1st round, who sprinkles up to 155km, was disciplined within the team after an SNS was leaked in which he cursed at the coaching staff and fans.

The Hanwha team immediately went out to find out the truth and after confirming that what they wrote was correct, they issued a three-day training ban. Fines will also be imposed at a later date.

Hanwha coach Carlos Subero said, “I want to 스포츠토토tell Kim Seo-hyun that there is no player greater than the team.

Kim Seo-hyun had the spirit of boldly saying, “I will make 50 saves as the finishing pitcher,” and a while ago, she covered 151 km in her first bullpen pitching, raising expectations from fans. However, within a few days, that expectation quickly turned into disappointment.

No matter how irritating it is, it is not the attitude of a professional player to curse at the coaching staff and fans on social media. Even if it’s a private account, I wrote it in a place where it could be known to the outside world, so things got bigger.

This incident has become something that may have an impact on the Rookie of the Year competition. Seohyun Kim was clearly nominated for Rookie of the Year. Although he was a rookie last year, he was evaluated as a player who could compete with Moon Dong-ju, a 1-year senior on the team that met the requirements for the Rookie of the Year title this year. However, due to this incident, Kim Seo-hyun’s image fell. It is questionable whether Kim Seo-hyun will be able to win the vote in the press vote even if she has earned the right to be the rookie of the year with good grades.

He has to show a sincere apology and regain the fans’ trust by not going against his manners in the future.

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