Day One Players “We didn’t get shoes, we didn’t pay rent”

June 14, 2023 0 Comments

The story of professional basketball team Day One is a hot topic, as the team is facing financial difficulties and salary arrears.

Today, the players, along with their fans, attended a press conference at the National Assembly and shared the difficulties they have been enduring.

Familiar faces at the National Assembly press conference!

Kim Kang-sun, Jeon Sung-hyun, Lee Jung-hyun, Han Ho-bin, and other main players were joined by fans.

The fans expressed their demands in a statement, saying, “The KBL should take responsibility and pay the overdue salaries, and make sure that no players retire due to this situation.”

The players said they had to go without shoes, pay for their own meals, and fall behind on their rent because of the delayed salaries.스포츠토토

[Captain Kim Kang-sun/Dayone: “The hard part is that we haven’t been paid for about four or five months now, and it’s hard, because we have children, and it’s hard, so we’ve come to this point.”]

Dayone is now running out of time as he has until tomorrow (the 15th) to settle his various debts.

If he fails to make the payments, he will most likely be banned from professional basketball by the KBL board tomorrow.

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