DeChambeau, who lost weight and became healthy, “I will no longer pursue long hits”

February 2, 2023 0 Comments

‘Hulk’ Bryson Dishambeau (29, USA), who was reborn as the king of long strokes by strengthening his muscles, announced that he would no longer pursue the distance of his shots aggressively like in the past. He discovered a cyst around his nose and underwent surgery and got rid of the vertigo he had suffered for two years, claiming that it was also thanks to LIV Golf guaranteeing players a sufficiently long rest period.

DeChambeau participated in the Asian Tour PIF Saudi International (total prize money of 5 million dollars), which opened at the Royal Greens Golf and Country Club 메이저놀이터 (par 70, 7048 yards) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on the 2nd. Prior to this, an interview with Dishambeau, ahead of the first competition in 2023, was posted on the LIV website that day. It is said that he will return to the ‘2018 DeChambeau’.

DeChambeau rose to stardom in 2018 by winning four career victories on the PGA Tour. Since the end of 2019, he has grown to nearly 20 kg and became the longest hitter on the PGA Tour with a drive shot distance of 400 yards, adding two wins in 2020 and one win in 2021. He joined LIV, a fledgling league led by Saudi capital, last year, but 2022 was the first year he never won a championship since his professional debut.

DeChambeau’s father, who suffered from diabetes for 30 years, passed away last November. After a while, he underwent a full-body examination, and a retention cyst was found in his left maxillary sinus, and it was said that he found out that the air flow in his nostrils had not been smooth. After the surgery in December of last year, his breathing became smoother, he said, “The dizziness has disappeared, I have more energy, my thoughts have become clearer, and my speech has become fluent.”

DeChambeau also ranked first in LIV last year with an average drive shot distance of 327.1 yards. However, he said he would no longer pursue long hits as aggressively as before. He said he currently has about 230 yards with a 7-iron and 195 yards with a 9-iron. He said he was happy with numbers like this.

He not only put on weight to hit long hits three years ago, but also did extreme training to increase his swing speed to the maximum. However, in the end, it was concluded that it is difficult to control the maximum ball speed of 185 miles per hour or more with the current golf equipment technology. Now he pursues health even more. He said he lost more than 8kg in one month last year while avoiding wheat, dairy, rice, corn, and eggs. He said his gut inflammation levels improved dramatically.

“I was declining quickly, but now I eat healthy and breathe better,” DeChambeau said. “I am healthier than ever. I feel like a child again.” He said that thanks to the long offseason after joining LIV, he had the time and mental space to discover, treat, and recover from health problems. “Golf players swing their clubs at high speed all day long and walk a lot,” he said. “Having enough rest will help prolong the life of a player,” he said.

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