Director Kwon Young-min of winning streak challenge “OK Financial Group Leo and Song Myung-geun prepared well”

January 13, 2023 0 Comments

KEPCO, which broke the chain of 9 consecutive losses and laid the foundation for a reversal, is aiming for a winning streak in the home.

KEPCO will play a home game against OK Financial Group in the 4th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League men’s division at the Suwon Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 13th. While remaining in 5th place, 7 points behind 4th place Woori Card (30 points), the urgent priority is to close the gap with the top ranks.

The best thing is to ride the upward trend with a winning streak. KEPCO defeated Woori Card on the 10th after a full set of bloody battles and succeeded in escaping from 9 consecutive losses, but it needs a little more exertion to advance to spring volleyball. 바카라사이트

First of all, KEPCO coach Kwon Young-min said, “I didn’t put too much pressure on the players. Rather than having to win straight away, I told them to do their best in every game.” Emphasized.

However, he did not hide his will to win the OK Financial Group match that day. OK Financial Group recently upgraded its attack power as Song Myeong-geun returned from military service. 

In order for KEPCO to play the game easily against OK Financial Group, it is necessary to effectively block not only Leo, the main gun of OK Financial Group, but also Song Myeong-geun.

Coach Kwon said, “Song Myung-geun was a very good player even before he went to the army. However, he prepared more to block Leo than Song Myung-geun.” I think he will do well,” he explained.

He added, “The atmosphere of the team has not changed in particular even during the losing streak. The players worked hard to do better, and the game content was not bad.

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