Everyone is fighting, so why did they put up with the application… Stove League Pain, Goes to the End

January 10, 2023 0 Comments

While 10 KBO league clubs are unable to complete salary negotiations, labor pains continue in various places. Nonetheless, there was no player who applied for salary arbitration, which is one way. It turns out that the application is still a burdensome system.

Salary arbitration application deadline is 6:00 p.m. on January 10 of each year. If there is a player who applies here, the player and the club must submit materials such as salary calculation standards by 6:00 pm on January 15th. The arbitration committee, which is composed of people from all walks of life, makes a judgment based on this and raises one side’s hand.

In recent years, there have been few applications for salary arbitration, and in the last five years, the 2021 sovereignty (kt) has been the only one. But this year is predicted to be different. This is because the majority of clubs have not yet completed negotiations, and some of them are drawing tight parallels with big players. There is a prospect that players will apply for salary arbitration en masse with agencies.

In fact, provincial A club is constantly struggling without finalizing salary negotiations with key players, and provincial B club still has a significant number of non-contractors. The C club in the metropolitan area also had less negotiations with national team players. This is the reason why some people said, “The salary arbitration application can be more than one or two people.”

Although the win rate of the club is absolute, times have changed a little. In the past, the club’s data was superior to the player’s data. It was both quantity and quality. The material the player brought was literally basic. I couldn’t beat the club. However, in recent years, there has been a lot of work for players to do, such as agencies collecting data themselves. It was also possible to establish a more specialized logic. Sovereignty in 2021 won like that.

For this reason, it is rumored that there were quite a number of agencies that were prepared for salary arbitration this year as well. As in the past, the application for salary arbitration could be an option as it was not an issue that would cause the club’s offense. Public opinion is also advocating it as “one of the players’ rights.” But they weren’t really players. I was still hesitant to go to this system.

Some players who belonged to the D club in the metropolitan area and were not satisfied with the club’s offer even thought about salary arbitration. However, in the end, he retreated from the line of stamping the club’s presentation amount. A key pitcher belonging to the E club in the metropolitan area was also considering salary arbitration at the agency. However, the player felt burdened and decided to proceed with the remaining negotiations without requesting mediation. There are quite a few players like this.

However, there is no guarantee that the waiver of the request for arbitration will lead to a smooth notice of negotiations. Clubs tend to stick to the amount stamped out by their own evaluation system. This is because if someone gives more than the test results and someone pays more than the test results, they can suffer from equity controversy. Now that we have come this far, the general view is that there can be no dramatic concessions considering the players who have previously stamped.스포츠토토

In the past, camps started on January 15th, but now camps start on February 1st due to compliance with the inactivity period. It is likely that clubs and players will make a judgment that there is still time. In the case of key players, the probability of being excluded from the camp list is low, so there is a possibility that the agency will delegate negotiations and observe the situation a little longer.

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