Failure to attend training + transfer request… The coach asked, “Let’s go to the European competition”

January 30, 2023 0 Comments

Trying to prevent power loss during the season.

Brighton & Hove Albion manager Roberto De Gerbi told the BBC on the 30th (Korean time), “If we lose Moises Caicedo (21), Brighton’s chances of qualifying for the European competition will be in big trouble. He is with us. I want to finish the season,” he said.

Brighton, who are on a surprising rise this season, are closely chasing Tottenham Hotspur (21st, 36 points) in 5th place with 31 points from 19 games. Depending on the results of the remaining matches, it is possible to recapture 5th place.

The moment we continued to have a good atmosphere, a big variable occurred. Key striker Leandro Trossar (28) left for Arsenal, the leader of the English Premier League (PL). According to multiple media outlets, including the British BBC, it was found that there was a feud between Trossar and director De Gerby. In fact, Trosar’s agent raised his voice, saying, “Director De Gerby has not communicated with Trosar for four weeks. Brighton should consider Trosar’s transfer.” After a bout of communication, Trosar finally confirmed the transfer to Arsenal. 메이저놀이터

To make matters worse, even the core midfielder is on the verge of leaving. Caicedo, who emerged as Brighton’s main midfielder at a young age, has been at the center of Brighton’s storm this season. With his vigorous activity and active participation in the attack, he is playing the role of Brighton’s engine. As soon as he continued his upward trend, Caicedo revealed his intention to transfer to Arsenal through his personal social network service (SNS). He said, “Brighton would be better off selling me to Arsenal to secure the transfer fee.

Even Caicedo did not attend team training and strongly expressed his intention to transfer. In response, coach De Gerbi said, “Brighton chairman Tony Bloom agrees with me. Trossar has already moved to Arsenal. If we lose even Caicedo, it will be a big problem for us to advance to the European competition.”

“There will be a solution. We will try to find the best way for Caicedo and Brighton,” the manager added.

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