‘Former Yakuza’ Kim Jae-hoon accepts actor Geum Gwang-san’s boxing proposal… Will the occipital controversy be resolved?

May 18, 2023 0 Comments

‘Yakuza’ fighter Kim Jae-hoon (34) accepted the offer of a boxing match from actor and mixed martial artist Geum Gwang-san (47). In addition, Road FC hoped to establish a new heavyweight tournament in the weight class tournament to be held in June.

Kim Jae-hoon and Geumgwangsan faced off at the ‘Road FC 058’ competition held in Changwon in July 2021. At that time, Kim Jae-hoon won, but there was a controversy over the ‘occipital price’ foul. It was a match in which Kim Jae-hoon won by referee stop TKO in the first round after hitting the head of Geumgwangsan, whose posture collapsed while leaning against the cage, 14 times in a row.

However, among the fans, “It is a foul because Kim Jae-hoon hit the back of the gold mine. It is a disqualification” came out. As the controversy escalated, Road FC Chairman Jeong Moon-hong and former CEO Kim Dae-hwan uploaded an explanation video.

At the time, former CEO Kim Dae-hwan said, “The criteria for the back of the head in Road FC itself does not include the part that comes down to the front behind the ears as the back of the head. It is a part that has been explained at the rule meeting for a long time,” he said. Of course, the danger of the back of the head was visible, so referee Shin Seung-ryeol gave a verbal warning in the first round. When the referee judged it on the field, it was flowing too urgently, and it was judged at the discretion of the referee.”

Kim Jae-hoon, who played the game, is also in the position that he is not refreshed. Geumgwangsan has continuously requested a rematch from Kim Jae-hoon. Kim Jae-hoon said, “I was told (to Geumgwangsan) to use boxing and kickboxing rules. It’s like There is a lot of talk about the back of the head, so I feel embarrassed. I want to try it with boxing rules. I want to KO I don’t want to win halfway. EN I’ll show you. I am really confident.”카지노사이트

On the 21st, Kim Jae-hoon will participate in the Korea-Japan match of the Japanese martial arts content ‘Breaking Down’, and is about to face off with Nocon Terada for 1 minute with a standing blow. Kim Jae-hoon’s game can be viewed as a paid PPV (purchasing and watching a movie or program as a product unit) on the YouTube channel ‘Breaking Down’.

Meanwhile, Road FC kicks off its lightweight and bantamweight global tournament on June 24 this year. The tournament, which starts with the quarterfinals, has a winning prize of 100 million won. Kim Jae-hoon, who cannot participate in the tournament because he is a heavyweight, wants to establish a new heavyweight tournament.

Kim Jae-hoon said, “If there is a heavyweight tournament, I really want to work hard to build my body and try again. (Jeong Moon-hong) Chairman, if you make a tournament, I will work hard.”

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