Gangwon Provincial Office ice hockey scoreless record, 14 consecutive losses

February 14, 2023 0 Comments

The Gangwon-do Provincial Para Ice Hockey Team has won 14 consecutive victories in the National Para Winter Games with a record of zero goals.

The Provincial Para Ice Hockey Team, led by coach Kim Jung-ho, won the gold medal by defeating the Seoul starters 9-0 in the mixed ice hockey team final held at the Gangneung Hockey Center on the 13th. Previously, the Provincial Government Para Ice Hockey Team, which belonged to Group 1 of the preliminaries슬롯사이트, defeated the Seoul selection (13-0), Incheon selection (15-0), and Busan selection (27-0) in turn, advancing to the semifinals as first place in the group. In the semifinal match against Chungbuk, who placed second in Group 2 of the preliminaries, the provincial ice hockey team scored 25 goals following a clean sheet, showing explosive scoring power. Comparing the total points scored in this tournament, the provincial para ice hockey team scored 89 goals, the second-place Seoul starter scored 20 goals (25 runs), and the third-place Chungnam starter scored 48 goals (5 runs).

Director Kim Jeong-ho, who showed outstanding leadership skills in this competition, was recognized for his leadership at the closing ceremony and received the Leadership Award. Director Kim Jeong-ho said, “I would like to express my gratitude to the Gangwon-do Provincial Office for their active support and the Gangwon-do Sports Association for the Disabled who worked hard for this tournament.

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