‘Genius Knight’ Han Woo-jin, born in 2005, once again stands at the forefront of the millennium

March 10, 2023 0 Comments

A millennial generation (those born after 2000) champion was born.

On the 8th, in the 2023 Yanggu-gun National Territorial Central Cup Millennium Cheonwon War (Cheonwon War), which was held at the Go TV studio in Seongdong-gu, in the 2nd station of the 3rd final, Han Woo-jin, 6th dan, won a hundred bucks in 196 moves against Park Hyun-soo, 5th dan. 

Han Woo-jin, who succeeded in suppressing the baseline in the early riverside hemp fight, defeated Park Hyun-soo with stable operation.

Han Woo-jin became the first champion with an overall score of 2-0, following the first round of the final held on the 26th of last month in Yanggu, Gangwon-do. In addition, according to the special promotion rules, I enjoyed the joy of climbing one step to 7th dan.카지노사이트

After joining the pro in 2019, Han Woo-jin won the 3rd Lee Boong-bae Rookie of the Year final last year and won a total of 2 wins until this tournament. In addition, he is considered a rookie to lead the next Korean Baduk by advancing to the final round of 32 at the 2022 Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance World Baduk Masters and winning the Best New Male Award at the 2022 Baduk Awards.

The Yanggu-gun National Territorial Administration Central Cup opened this time for the first time targeting young Go players born after 2000. A total of 67 knights participated in this competition. 

After winning the championship, Han Woo-jin said, “This Cheonwon final was scheduled to be the first move in Cheonwon, so I had a lot of ideas for paving stones in the beginning. told

The prize money for the winner of this tournament is 10 million won, and the runner-up prize money is 5 million won.

The time limit was 20 minutes each and an additional 20 seconds were given in a time cumulative way. 

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