Goyang Carrot Day of Destiny ‘D-2’… Overcoming the ‘money risk’ and going to ‘welcome spring’

March 27, 2023 0 Comments

Goyang Carrot’s ‘Spring Basketball’ fate is virtually two days away. The men’s basketball Carrot team must give an answer one to two days before the deadline (6:00 p.m. on the 31st) on whether to pay the remaining subscription fee.

The Korean Basketball League (KBL) recently held the 28th 3rd Board of Directors meeting and discussed the agenda related to the Carrot club with the main content. In fact, the main agenda of the board of directors was improving the domestic and foreign player system and changing the name of the Carrot club. However, preparations for the Carrot club, which is suffering from lame operation, were mentioned as a matter of utmost concern.

Initially, KBL decided to disqualify from the playoffs (PO) if the unpaid amount of 1 billion won out of the subscription fee (1.5 billion won) was not paid by March 31. Carrot has confirmed his advance to PO by finishing 5th in the regular season. However, even with the 31st approaching, Carrot management raised anxiety by not giving a green light on the remaining subscription fee, but having delayed payment of February’s salary. In the midst of this, when PO Media Day and the deadline for payment of the remaining balance overlapped on the same day (31st), a consensus was formed that the deadline should be pulled.

In the worst case, it is to avoid the confusion of not being able to solve the rest even after Carrot attends Media Day. It’s a disgraceful skit that I don’t want to assume, and it’s a rare case of lameness, but I couldn’t help but prepare for Carrot’s actions so far.

For this reason, the board of directors agreed to hold a media day after confirming whether the remaining subscription fee was paid in full. After confirming that the remaining subscription fee can be paid in full by the 29th, or at the latest by the 30th, the final decision will be made on the teams participating in the Media Day.

Carrot club general manager Jeong Kyung-ho, who attended the board meeting that day, is also reported to have promised to take appropriate measures, such as prior notice, if it is difficult to pay the remaining subscription fee. An official said, “I vaguely decided not to believe in the ‘Hope Advisor’ that it could be resolved by the 31st. After submitting the basis for paying the subscription fee and clear guarantee-related data before the Media Day, when I was 100% sure, I decided to will be able to participate in the PO.” Now, the Carrot club has to decide whether to calm the concerns around them and ‘revival’ within the given physical time of two days.

The case of changing the name of the club, which was a formal agenda related to the Carrot club, was rejected. The Carrot club tried to change the club name from ‘Carrot Jumpers’ to ‘Day One Jumpers’ as the naming sponsor contract with Carrot Insurance was terminated in the middle. The change of club name is a matter approved by the board of directors. It is known that the board of directors judged it inappropriate with less than a week left in the remaining season. 토토사이트

In addition, the board of directors prepared a plan to improve the system for domestic and foreign players. First of all, the salary cap for domestic players for the 2023-2024 season was raised from the current 2.6 billion won to 2.8 billion won, and Asian quota players were separately set at less than $160,000 (after tax). The highest annual salary for a rookie player was raised from 100 million won to 120 million won, and the minimum annual salary was raised from 35 million won to 40 million won. This is a measure that reflects the trend of inflation in recent economic conditions.

The rookie draft lottery odds have also changed. From 2024, the winning team of the previous season will automatically be assigned the 10th rank, and the runner-up team will be assigned the 9th rank. The plan is to alleviate the phenomenon of “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” by giving a 3% chance for teams advancing to the quarterfinals, a 7% chance for teams advancing to the sixth round, and a 20% chance for teams not advancing to the playoffs.

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