Gyeonggi-do added 23 gold… Overall championship 20 consecutive losses cruising

February 18, 2023 0 Comments

On the first day of the opening of the 104th National Winter Sports Festival, Gyeonggi-do continued its 20-game winning streak by going on a full-scale hunt for gold.

On the first day of the competition held on the 17th, Gyeonggi-do won a total of 23 gold medals, including 10 short track, 5 snowboard, 4 alpine ski, 2 cross country, and 1 each in biathlon and figure skating.

As a result, Gyeonggi-do scored a total of 888 points with 75 gold medals, 65 silver medals and 59 bronze medals, including pre-games, taking the lead by far ahead of Seoul (565 points) and Gangwon-do (494 points).

On this day, Gyeonggi-do, Kim Gil-ri (Seohyun High School, Seongnam), the winner of the 1,500m short track speed skating women’s high school, added two gold medals in the 1,000m (1:36:152) and 3,000m relay (4:27:846) to win three gold medals. Alpine Namdaebu Lee Jae-joon (Dankook University) won three gold medals, including two gold medals in the slalom (1:17:62) and combined (54:81), following the victory in the super giant slalom (45:09) on the 15th.

In addition, Hyeon-woo Song (Korea National Sport University) of the short track men’s college team scored in 4:03:655 in the 3,000m relay, winning two gold medals following the first place in the 1,500m the previous day. Seo Su-ah (Goyang Hwajeong High School) also contributed to the victory in the 3,000m relay and won two gold medals side by side.

Seo Hwi-min (Korea University), who won the 500m short track speed track the previous day, also won her second gold medal by adding a gold medal in the 3,000m relay, and Kim Hye-bin (Hwaseong City Hall) in the women’s general division 3,000m (5:31:452) and 3,000m. Won two gold medals in m relay (46 points).

In alpine skiing, Namgobu Heo Do-hyeon (Gyeonggi-do Ski Association) won two gold medals in slalom and combined with a time of 1:18:04 and 147.78 points, respectively.

On the other hand, selection for the elementary biathlon competition, short track South High School 1,000m Nam Hyeon-yul (Anyang Pyeongchon High School, 1:29:441), South High School 3,000m Lee Dong-hyeon (Uijeongbu Kwangdong High School, 4:50:845), Namdaebu 3,000m relay selection, Hong Gyeong-hwan (Goyang City Hall, 4 minutes 56 seconds 388) in the men’s general category and Kim Gyu-ri (Gyeonggi Ice Skating Federation, 메이저놀이터84.25 points) in the single group B in the women’s general category also won the championship.

Snowboard Freestyle Halfpipe Namchobu Lee Suo (Yangpyeong Elementary School, 96.00 points), South Central Division Kim Geon-hee (Siheung Maehwa Middle School, 97.00 points), South High School Division Lee Chae-woon (Gunpo Surigo, 94.33 points), Female Middle Division Yu Seung-eun (Yongin Seongseo Middle School, 92.66 points), Lee Na-yoon (Gyeonggi Provincial Ski Association, 94.00 points) also won the gold medal.

In addition, in curling, the Uijeongbu Curling Sports Club accompanied Namchobu (Hong Eun-chan, Lee Hyung-gyu, Kim Yul, Ko Doo-ha, Lee Tae-gyu) and Yeocho-bu (Choi Ga-eun, Kim Da-on, Jeong Si-hoo, Kim Ha-kyung, Kim Ye-sol) to the top, and cross-country male general classic Jiyoung Byeon (Gyeonggi Provincial Office, 26:11:8) in the 10km and Yebin Oh (Kwonseongo, Suwon, 18:35:4) in the female high school classic 5km also won gold medals.

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