‘He’s back’…Lee Jung-hoo reaches 500 career hits

June 8, 2023 0 Comments

Sports news: Lee Jung-hoo has just scored his 500th career hit. With confidence in his game, he has set a new record for the second day in a row.

Reporter Choi Jong-hyuk caught up with him.


< LG 5:5 Kium|Gocheok Stadium (Yesterday) >

As he warmed up his bat with an infield hit in his first at-bat, followed by a home run blast, fans were left speechless as they realised that Lee Jung-hoo was back.안전놀이터

His father, watching as the opposing team’s coach, had a knowing look on his face.

[Lee Jung-hoo/Kim: I wonder if he thought it was a ‘nice bat’].

In the sixth inning, I scooped up a low-dropping ball with precision for a double, which reminded me of my “golf swing” hit against the same team just a year earlier.

[Lee Jung-hoo/Kim: I think my ‘instincts’ came out in the game, so I hope I can keep this ‘good feeling’ going from now on].

Speaking of hits, home runs, and a 3-3 situation in the bottom of the ninth inning, Maeje Go Woo-seok decided it was best to avoid her brother-in-law this time.

[Lee Jung-hoo / Kiwoom: “I had two outs and was in a crunch situation, and if he hit me there, the team would lose…”]

In the final at-bat of the extra innings, Lee Jung-hoo drew a walk and got on base in the sixth inning.

It’s a far cry from the Lee Jung-hoo of earlier in the season, when he was struggling to get on base, even for himself.

[Lee Jung-hoo / Kiwoom: In April and May, I kept getting caught hitting, so I was a little intimidated, but now I’m feeling better psychologically and the results are coming in, so I feel like I’m always playing with confidence].

Armed with the weapon of confidence, Lee Jung-hoo hit a two-run double in his first at-bat for LG Electronics today to reach the 500-hit plateau in his career, and followed it up with a three-run homer in his next at-bat to continue his hitting streak for the second straight day.

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