‘High school rating’ badminton twins… 1st and 2nd place in individual competition, ‘undefeated’ when teamed up

[Minji Kim/Sister (2017): In singles, we met together in the finals and won 1st and 2nd places, and in doubles, we won together… ]


The dream I talked about 5 years ago has become a reality. Seventeen twin sisters, badminton players Kim Min-ji and Kim Min-sun. Not only did they take first and second place alternately, but the win rate was 100% in doubles where the two of them went out in a group.

Reporter Oh Seon-min met.


Twin sisters who look alike from their hairstyles to their facial expressions.

[Minji Kim/Sister: ESFJ]

[Minsun Kim/Sister: Former ISFJ. It’s just that I’m a little more excited than I am.]

[Minji Kim/Sister: I’m more naughty.]

Born 1 minute apart, badminton started like a game following my father, who was a player.

[Kim Min-ji / Older sister: I always go out to catch snails, but it’s fun after going to a game.] After

a year, I won the national competition and stood out,메이저놀이터

[Kim Min-seon / Little sister (2017): I want to make my parents happy.] I

became a high school student . Last year, we competed for 1st and 2nd place alternately,

[Minji Kim/Sister: I feel sorry.]

[Minsun Kim/Younger sister: Can’t openly like it.]

[Minji Kim/Sister: We know all too well how hard we worked.] Let’s

unite in doubles When hit, there is no loss.

The secret is in your hands.

[Kim Min-seon/Brother: I hit the forehand when the right-hander would hit the backhand.]

With a different hand, they cover the court without any gaps and at the same time have a variety of attack routes.

[Kil Yeong-ah/1996 Atlanta Olympic Mixed Doubles Gold Medal: Min-ji’s offensive power and Min-sun’s tricky finish with her wrists.] The

youngest participating national team was unable to surpass adult players, but the 17 sisters confirmed their potential, and their next goal is It is an Olympic companion medal.