Hwang Dong-jae, who returned midway, showed inflammation in his right arm “Scheduled to return around the start”

February 19, 2023 0 Comments

Samsung pitcher Hwang Dong-jae (22), who returned home midway from spring camp due to elbow pain, is known to have not suffered a major injury.

The Samsung club reported on the results of Hwang Dong-jae’s examination on the 17th. According to the club, Hwang Dong-jae had inflammation in his right arm메이저놀이터. Samsung said, “We plan to return around the time of the opening.” Hwang Dong-jae plans to improve his physical condition through rehabilitation until his return.

Hwang Dong-jae returned home on the 14th complaining of elbow pain. Hwang Dong-jae was competing for the 5th starter at the spring camp held in Okinawa, Japan.

Hwang Dong-jae, who wore a Samsung uniform as the first nomination in 2020 after graduating from Gyeongbuk High School, only pitched in one game in the first year of his debut. And last year, he took on an axis of the starting lineup at the beginning of the season, but he could not completely solidify his position. He went from start to finish and went 1-3 with an ERA of 7.06 in 16 games.

In the Samsung spring camp, Yang Chang-seop, Heo Yun-dong, and Jang Pil-jun are competing for the 5th starting spot.

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