I gave up alcohol, cigarettes, friends, and religion, a ‘one-armed grim reaper’ who became an angel

“Junseo, last time I was in 5th place in the school exam, so let’s try to get into the 3rd place this time. You have to study well to be good at golf.”

On the 6th, a golf driving range in Jinhae, Gyeongsangnam-do. On the quiet fourth floor, Song Sam-seop (62), director of the Ace Academy, teaches elementary school students.

Director Song is disabled without a right arm. When he was in middle school, he touched a high voltage line while cleaning the roof and cut off his arm and he only has 4 toes. He had interviewed him 14 years ago. It was because he was amazed that an amateur ‘one-armed teacher’ who learned golf after becoming a disabled person and after becoming an adult produced a rookie and outstanding player on the Japanese tour. At that time, his image was Choi Gwan, a one-armed hitter from the cartoon ‘Foreign Team of Fear’. Because he was a perfectionist with a sharp eye, he had a baseball bat by his office, and his students nicknamed him “the grim reaper.”

Previously, the image of Gwan Choi from the cartoon ‘Foreign Team of Fear’

His image has changed. At first glance, I saw a smile like spring. Director Song said, “At that time, I was a slave to sexuality. He felt good when the child did well, but there were also children who did not do well, so he was always in pain.”

Bae Yong-joon, the rookie of the year in the KPGA this year, and Kim Young-soo, the grand prize and money prize winner, learned from him. Lee Kang-min said, “Rather than being a grim reaper, he is rather an angelic image. I felt that he believed in me more and that he was the one who wanted me to do well more than my real father.”

why did he change He must have gone along with the change of the times, but the grim reaper seemed to have mastered the way in the meantime. 메이저놀이터

Director Song said, “At first, he thought swing was the answer. he went looking for it He found that he had no answers now. Golf is endless and you can’t play it for a lifetime. Then I realized that golf is also an important process, and in the end, you have to play golf to be happy.” He said, “The children will have an answer. If you do this, it will be done someday.” It teaches the process of finding answers.”

He says he didn’t know the meaning of ‘enjoy’ before. Director Song said, “I think having fun is overcoming many difficulties, falling and getting up again. So now I am trying to teach happiness, not success.” He said, “I quit drinking because I thought it wasn’t like I was drinking while teaching students. I smoked two or three packs of cigarettes a day, but he told the kids to stop playing and I quit smoking too.”

Stop drinking, smoking, friends, and religion, and focus on your children.

cut off a friend Director Song said, “I have to keep studying, but I couldn’t do it if I had an appointment. He said he wouldn’t be able to meet them while teaching the children. So now I am a loner.”

It seems to have left the world behind. not. He goes one step further. He also quit religion. He said, “I visited the monk and talked about my worries, but I didn’t even go to the temple because I wanted to focus more.” He said, “It is a teacher’s duty to give everything to children.”

His iron rule is that parents should not be angry with their children. “Even if you scold me, I will scold you, so my parents beg me not to do that. You can act like a teacher with me, but parents who will be with you for the rest of your life shouldn’t. Children need someone to take their side, and parents have to do it.”

emphasize study. It wasn’t like that before. His pupils did not go to school. Director Song said, “When he saw kids not succeeding in golf, he knew he was wrong. You can go a little faster if you don’t go to school and just hit the ball, but like a rabbit and a turtle, you end up meeting in a similar place. Children who have depth of thought while studying have good problem-solving skills even when they grow up, and even if they don’t succeed as players, they can live happily elsewhere.”

Director Song said, “I want to teach a player who is in despair at a dead end because there is no lesson fee. There are many benefits that I have received through golf for 25 years. I want to give back as a service.”

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