“I need to ask you to share some of the ticket revenue”… Will Kim Yeon-kyung’s jokes come true?

February 7, 2023 0 Comments

This weekend (11th), Heungkuk Life Insurance and IBK match tickets are all sold out. It is already the 14th sold out this season. Women’s professional volleyball is literally ‘Kim Yeon-kyung’, and the box office frenzy is blowing.

It does not cover weekdays and weekends, and it is the same for away games as well as home games for Heungkuk Life, Kim Yeon-kyung’s team. All 14 sold-out games were Heungkuk Life Insurance matches, and 11 of them were ‘away’.

No matter how much Kim Yeon-kyung leads the sold-out procession, there is not a single ‘won’ in return to Heungkuk Life Insurance.

This is because, according to league rules, 100% 메이저놀이터of the revenue from spectators in professional volleyball goes to the ‘home team’.

(In the case of professional baseball, the home team takes 72% and the away team takes 28%, but recently, there is a growing voice that this ratio should be adjusted according to the interests of each club.)

Currently, most professional volleyball clubs take spectators from total revenue. The percentage of admission revenue is less than 10%.

Professional volleyball clubs made 100% profit for the home team because they did not pay much attention to the insignificant admission revenue since the launch, as the maximum amount posted by a certain club that led the popularity of men’s volleyball in one season was less than 800 million won. There was no disagreement about going.

However, as much as this season, women’s professional volleyball is also quite ‘sports industry’. If the current trend continues, it is estimated that Heungkuk Life Insurance’s spectator admission revenue this season will reach 1 billion won, the highest ever in professional volleyball. A high-ranking official from the Heungkuk Life Insurance team expressed both joy and regret at the box office frenzy led by Kim Yeon-kyung.

“There are some regrets about the part where away profits do not return to us. In the long run, volleyball is also a ‘professional sport’, so it is something to think about. A professional should be able to do it for the purpose of ‘profit’.”

And ‘celery cap’

“Bonuses can’t go out because of the structure. The budget, such as the victory allowance, has already been set. Once the salary cap is full, there’s nothing we can do.”
(According to KOVO regulations, advertisements for parent companies or affiliates are also prohibited unless specified in the option, so it is impossible to generate additional revenue for individual players through advertisements.)

“I think we should share some of the profits…”
Of course, it is not likely that Kim Yeon-kyung, the empress of volleyball, really wanted something from the volleyball federation or club.

However, this one word thrown by Kim Yeon-kyung is meaningful now that it boasts a heightened popularity comparable to that of professional baseball. This is a part that professional volleyball, which is at a low level of awareness of ‘industrialization’, should think about at least once.

Last Friday (3rd), Kim Yeon-kyung, who scored 25 points in front of a full crowd at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon and decorated the Ginseng Corporation expedition as a victory, expressed her determination (?) in an interview after the game.

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