“I want to close it”, but refuses to shake the manager’s hand when replacing 106 pitches? Japan’s light speed pitcher’s cute spirit

July 7, 2023 0 Comments

 An action by Loki Sasaki, Chiba Lotte Marines Fireballer, has become a hot topic.

Sasaki started the 2023 Japan Professional Baseball Seibu Lions match held at ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba Prefecture, Japan on the 5th and threw a light-speed ball at 162 km per hour, recording 5 hits, 11 strikeouts and no runs in 8 innings. Sasaki earned his sixth win of the season with his team’s 2-1 victory.

Sasaki threw 72 innings in 11 games and recorded 107 strikeouts, becoming the first player to reach 100 strikeouts including the Pacific League and Central League. Sasaki, who reached the regulation innings that day, also lowered his ERA to 1.50, beating Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Orix Buffaloes, 1.89) to become the league leader.

On this day, Sasaki continued the strikeout show, starting with a terrifying pitching where he recorded three strikeouts in the first inning crisis with no 2nd and 3rd bases. For the first time this season, Sasaki got on the mound in the 8th inning and finished the inning lightly with two strikeouts and a ground ball.

The Pacific League YouTube channel posted highlights of the day after the game, where Sasaki’s actions brought a smile. Chiba Lotte coach Masato Yoshii reached out to shake Sasaki’s hand to signify a replacement after the 8th inning.

After seeing this, Sasaki turned around and indicated ‘refusal to change’. However, when manager Yoshii refused to withdraw his hand, Sasaki wiped his sweat as if he had no choice but to hold the manager’s hand and finish the mound. His fellow outfielder, Kazuya Kakunaka, who was watching from his side, smiled as if Sasaki was cute, and manager Yoshii smiled and patted Sasaki on the butt.

Sasaki, who watched the team lose one run in the ninth inning in the dugout after the substitution, roared loudly when the ninth inning was over and welcomed his teammates who defended his victory with applause.

Japanese baseball media ‘Full Count’ said, “Sasaki refused to shake the manager’s hand as if he wanted to let him throw more, but since he had already thrown 106 pitches, he eventually agreed and held the manager’s hand. Sasaki’s fighting spirit made fans ‘cute’, They showed reactions such as ‘He is also thorough in his work’.”바카라사이트

Sasaki, who was aiming for his first complete shutout this year, failed to complete the shutout, but went on to interview the hero after winning his 6th win of the season, which is the number one win in the team. Sasaki said, “I threw with the mindset of catching all batters by striking out, and I was happy that it turned out well as a result. I will work hard to throw one more game, even one more inning, in a healthy way.”

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