Is there an NBA team in Mexico… NBA president “It’s possible enough”

 Can Mexico have an NBA team?

At a press conference on the 18th (Korean time), NBA President Adam Silver said, “It is quite possible to have an NBA team in Mexico.” I will be watching closely.” This is a very

unconventional statement. The NBA currently consists of a total of 30 teams, with 29 teams in the United States and one team in Canada.

If President Silver decides to expand the league, the possibility of creating a team in Mexico seems quite high. The NBA has been actively hosting games in Mexico City since 1992. A total of 30 matches were played. The match between Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs on the 16th was also held in Mexico City.

It is widely known that the NBA has its eyes on the Mexican market. Mexico City Capitans, a G-League club, has already been established in Mexico in 2019 and has been successful, so it is not strange at all if a Mexican team appears on the first team stage. 메이저놀이터

Mexico borders the south of the United States and is a huge market with the world’s 10th largest population (approximately 127.5 million people). There are many elements that make the office attractive.

Of course, this is not to say that a team will be created in Mexico City right away. It is expected that it will be considered first when it is decided to break the current 30 team system and increase the number of teams. Other city candidates include Las Vegas and Seattle.