It started with Im Seong-jae and ended with Im Seong-jae.

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It was truly a ‘domestic outing’ for the first time in four years that was perfect. From galleries crowded every day to spectacular eagle shows and dramatic reversal dramas. Lim Seong-jae (25, Woori Financial Group), who represents Korean men’s golf, reached the top again at the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour. In the final round of the Woori Finance Championship held at Ferrum Golf Course in Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 14th, Lim Seong-jae recorded 4 under par with 1 eagle, 4 birdies and 2 bogeys, and achieved a come-from-behind victory with a total of 10 under par 278 strokes. He was 5 strokes behind the single leader Choi Jin-ho (39) until the 3rd round, but he reduced 5 strokes to 1 eagle and 3 birdies only in the second half of the final day, becoming the protagonist of the prize money of 300 million won.

With this, Im Seong-jae won his second Korean Tour since the Genesis Championship in October 2019, when he won the last domestic stage and championship. Above all, he added more meaning to him by reaching the top in a competition hosted by his sponsor Woori Financial Group.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this stage started with Im Seong-jae and ended with Im Seong-jae. Lim Seong-jae, who is active on the American Professional Golf (PGA) tour, visited his home country for a while to meet domestic fans. He originally intended to play this tournament last year, but waited another year after being diagnosed with Corona 19 ahead of the first round. More than 20,000 galleries gathered at the Ferrum Golf Course for four days to see Im Seong-jae, who has won two wins on the PGA Tour and continues to play an active role this season. On the last day when sunny weather was welcomed, 11,213 people visited and created a spectacular view. And Lim Seong-jae, ranked 18th in the men’s golf world ranking, presented domestic fans with a dramatic come-from-behind victory.

The match was a melee. Choi Jin-ho, the sole leader at 11 under par, was shaken by recording a so-called ‘onion’ triple bogey at the 3rd hole (par 3) at a distance of 234 yards. The tee shot was short, and I lost 3 strokes due to a series of approach mistakes. He recorded a bogey in hole 4 (par 4) and gave Lee Jun-seok the lead at 8 under par. Afterwards, Lee Jun-seok kept the first place with a safe par march. However, the flow of the game began to change in the second half. Im Seong-jae, who was sluggish with a 1-over par in the first half, came back to life. After reducing one stroke in the par 4 11th hole, he caught the eagle of conversion in the 12th hole (par 5). Im Seong-jae first sent 292 yards with an exciting driver shot. Then, after attacking the green with the men’s 3-wood 288 yards to the cup, he succeeded in an eagle putt four steps away, drawing cheers from the gallery. In addition, he caught a birdie on the 13th hole (par 4) and became a joint leader at 9 under par with Lee Jun-seok.

Lim Seong-jae reached the top at the KPGA Korean Tour Woori Financial Championship, which ended at Ferrum Golf Course in Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 14th. Photo KPGA
The second match between Lim Seong-jae and Lee Jun-seok started at this time. The two did not easily give up the lead while keeping par until the 17th hole (par 4). Hee-bi split in the last 18th hole (par 5). Im Seong-jae took a birdie chance with a nice bunker shot. Then Lee Jun-seok, who had previously made a two-on, responded by putting the ball right in front of Lim Seong-jae’s mark. Lim Seong-jae, who grabbed the putter first, calmly caught a birdie. However, Lee Jun-seok’s putt, which was closer, missed the cup. It was the moment when Lim Seong-jae won by decision.

Im Seong-jae said, “The game didn’t work out well in the first half. However, when he looked at the scoreboard ahead of the second half, there was not much difference between the lead and the number of strokes. He started to gain strength again from this time,” he said. “A lot of galleries came throughout this competition. You cheered me on until the end, giving me strength. We were able to win because of the fans. It was regrettable that I couldn’t compete due to Corona 19 last year, but this win made me feel better,” he shared his joy with fans. Im Seong-jae, who is leaving for the United States again, said, “I will leave tomorrow and prepare for the PGA Championship, which opens on the 18th. There is a practice round as soon as you go. Looking at my condition, I will be very tired, but I will do my best.”메이저놀이터

Meanwhile, at the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour held at Suwon Golf Course on the same day, Lim Jin-hee (25) achieved her third career win with her 15 under par 201 strokes. She caught a wedge birdie on the last 18th hole (par 4) and she beat Park Ji-young (27) of 14 under par. Rookie Bang Sin-sil (19), who was aiming for the championship, made a series of shot mistakes at the last minute and finished this tournament tied for third place with a 13-under par.

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