KIA Medina, it is so scary when scratched

April 27, 2023 0 Comments

It’s a perfect metamorphosis.

KIA foreign pitcher Adonis Medina (27) survived the slump. On the 26th, Gwangju-KIA Champions Field, Medina, who had her 4th start of the season in the NC Match, embroidered the best pitching after entering Korea and reported her first victory that she had been waiting for.

He threw exactly 100 pitches and digested 8 innings. He gave up 6 hits but cut 4 walks to 3, struck out 6 and did not allow a single point. It was a major contributor to the 6-0 victory. 

It was a hot fight that was hard to predict. Medina, who appeared on the mound 4 of the regular season, including the match against KT on the 4th, which was not recorded as an official record due to a no-game declaration in the rain, had many regrets. 

The velocity of his two-seam fastball, which he mainly uses, exceeded 150 km per hour, and the movement of the high-speed slider was not bad. However, control was a problem. When the command to stab every corner of the zone was not supported, the balls that were driven into the middle were often hit hard. This is because his performance before his life was not good, with 8 walks and 15 earned runs in 15 innings.

The day of complete transformation was different. His strike-to-ball ratio is close to the ideal 7-to-3 (66-34). As I focused on command, the two-seam’s top speed dropped to 148km, but there was no problem at all. When the ball was caught, the effect of the dancing ball doubled. Thanks to the batting induction and strikeouts derived from that, I was able to avoid conceding even though I allowed a lot of on-base.

Medina said, “From the start of the game, I experimented with pitches I was confident in. While testing with catcher Joo Hyo-sang on which ball went well, he solved the game with the best ball. He looked back (he had such a difference from previous appearances).”

“My strength is a ball that cuts into the body, but Korean referees often don’t catch it. On the other hand, Korean batters respond well to outside balls. As a result, it was not easy to deal with,” he also analyzed the past defeat.

However, now it has been proven by deleting 8 innings that that may not be a problem either. He could have aimed for a shutout in his heart, but about passing the mound, he said, “I was a little greedy. However, the pitching coach said that since he reached 100 pitches, how about taking a break, so he decided that way.” 토토사이트

The challenge for the future is to maintain the uptrend. Only then can you approach the goal of double-digit multipliers and digesting many innings, which you declared during camp. “This match is going to be a huge opportunity,” he said. It also provides strong motivation. I will work harder (for the goal) and I believe it will happen,” revealing his anticipation for a bright future.

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