Kim Do-yeon, a freshman at Myongji University, “I was attracted to fast basketball”

January 25, 2023 0 Comments

When I was in high school, I was attracted to Myongji University while watching various university team games. Back then, he liked playing fast basketball.”

Myongji University is preparing for 2023 with five freshmen: Kim Do-yeon (Muryongo), Lee Beom-jun (Myongji High School), Lee Si-on (Kwangsinbang Art High School), Jang Ji-min (Gunsan High School), and Jang Hyeon-seo (Naksaeng High School). One of the expected players among the freshmen is Kim Do-yeon (183cm, G).

Kim Do-yeon, whom I met during winter training in Jeju Island, said, “This is my first time training at dawn. “It is tiring and difficult,” he said. “High school and college are different. I practice in real life by matching hands and feet with college hyungs. I felt the difference between strength and speed, and I just need to work hard on the technical part. I don’t really care about that,” he told me about how to handle winter training. 먹튀검증

At Myongji University, there were many times when training continued from dawn, morning, afternoon, and night in Jeju Island. Unlike last year, when I gave him enough rest, he drastically increased the amount of training. Not only Kim Do-yeon, but most of the players are having a hard time digesting the training.

When asked why he started playing basketball, Kim Do-yeon said, “I started playing club basketball when I was in the 3rd grade of elementary school at the recommendation of his friend’s mother. He said that he was better than his peers and that he was talented around him, and his teacher encouraged him to try elite basketball. He joined after seeing the test during the firebong,” he said. At that time, my classmates took good care of me and my seniors took good care of me because it was my first time playing elite basketball, so I overcame it.”

“Until middle school, coach (Kim Hyeon-soo) tried to appoint me as a shooter saying that I had a talent for shooting. I thought he had a shooting talent, but as he got to know basketball, he was good at breaking through and defending in high school. When I have to attack because my confidence is low, it is not enough,” he said. “I was busy pushing my teammates, and I passed to my friend at the timing of my attack. I feel sorry for that, and I was scolded a lot for it. We have to change. I am learning a lot while getting scolded by the director. He even told his strengths and weaknesses, saying, “I look at number 1 (point guard) and number 2 (shooting guard).

When asked why he chose Myongji University, Kim Do-yeon said, “When I was in high school, I was attracted to Myongji University while watching various university team games. At that time, he liked playing fast basketball.”

Depending on how you spend your 4 years of college, the value of Kim Do-yeon when he advances to the pros will change.

Kim Do-yeon said, “The thing I get scolded the most for is my slow speed and not seeing my attacks. I get scolded a lot, but I want to increase my speed. fitness is fine. When attacking, I want to become a player who can attack myself by playing as a team while watching my own attacks,” he said.

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