Kim Jang-joon, the ‘Korean tennis player’, won the New Delhi International Junior Group 2 championship

January 14, 2023 0 Comments

Jangjun Kim (16) of the Orion Tennis Team won the ITF J2 New Delhi International Junior Tennis Championships. Kim Jang-joon defeated Timofey Derepasco (16, Russia) with a set score of 2-1 (6-7 6-4 7-5) in the singles final held at the RK Cana Tennis Stadium in New Delhi, India on the 14th. She unfortunately lost the first set after a close match that went all the way to the tie-break, but she won the second and third sets in a row based on her strong serve and stable strokes, and achieved a dramatic come-from-behind victory.

In the doubles final held on the 13th, he competed with Amir Kamja Nasridinov (17, Russia) and scored a set score of 0-2 (2-6 4) against Ayush P Bart (18, USA) and Amir Milushev (17, Uzbekistan). -6) and finished runner-up. 바카라사이트

Under the support of Orion, Kim Jang-joon has participated in various international stages such as the ITF Orion Doctor Exile Changwon International Men’s Tennis Tour Tournament and the FILA ATP Seoul Open Challenger, gaining experience and rapidly improving his skills. At the age of 15, he earned an ATP ranking point and is regarded as the next promising player to lead Korean tennis.

The Orion Tennis Team, founded in July of last year, appointed former national team coach Jeon Yeong-dae as head coach, former national team player Lee Hyeong-taek, who advanced to the round of 16 at the US Open, as head coach, and 2021 junior national team coach Kim Seon-yong as coach. As founding players, Lee Hae-sun (18), winner of the 2022 Yanggu Indoor Junior Championships, and Kim Jang-joon (16), who won the singles and doubles championships at the 2021 Gimcheon International Junior Championships, were recruited. Jeong Yeon-soo (15), who won the 2018 World Championship, and Kim Dong-min (13), who won 5 championships in 6 ATF competitions, were additionally recruited to form the team.

Kim Jang-jun said, “It is more meaningful to have his first win as a member of the Orion tennis team. I was able to achieve good results thanks to the support that allowed me to focus on tennis,” he said.

Head coach Lee Hyeong-taek said, “This victory was achieved 7 months after the Orion Tennis Team was founded.”

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