“Kim Min-jae buyout, low price in EPL” 伊 Expert’s view of renewal promotion background

January 27, 2023 0 Comments

In the end, was it to block the interest of English Premier League (EPL) clubs?

Italian transfer market expert Gianluca Di Marzio told Sky Sports on the 27th (Korean time), “The buyout for Kim Min-jae, which will be triggered this summer for a limited time, is 50 million euros (approximately 67 billion won). The buyout is for an overseas club. “Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis is working to remove that provision,” he said.

He went on to add, “The reason why Napoli is offering Kim Min-jae a new contract is because a transfer fee of 50 million euros may be a small amount in a market like the Premier League.”

In other words, if we interpret based on Di Marzio’s remarks, the reason why Napoli is pushing for renewal of the contract with Kim Min-jae is to remove the buyout clause, and in particular, to block interest in Kim Min-jae from leagues with huge capital such as the EPL. can

When Kim Min-jae joined Napoli last summer, the transfer fee was 18.05 million euros (approximately 24 billion won). His contract is for 3 years with an option to extend it for 2 years. In the case of the extension clause, it is known that it is a condition that both sides must accept. 안전놀이터

In addition, according to data released later, a buyout was inserted into Kim Min-jae’s contract. There is a singularity. Kim Min-jae’s buyout is 50 million euros, which is only valid from July 1st to 15th. In addition, it was limited to overseas clubs.

An amount of 50 million euros is by no means small. But Kim Min-jae is an exception. Looking at his performance so far this season, he feels very cheap. As long as the buyout clause has been revealed, there is only one thing left for the big European clubs to do.

In particular, there is a high possibility that EPL clubs with huge capital will rush. Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, etc. have used to sign large center backs for well over 50 million euros. According to recent reports, Kim Min-jae is said to be interested in Manchester United.

Other perspectives also exist. On the 26th, Italy’s ‘Corriere dello Sport’ explained, “Napoli wants to increase Kim Min-jae’s buyout to 65 million euros (approximately 87 billion won). And plans to raise the current salary.” Unlike Di Marzio, it was not a deletion, but an upward look.

The important thing is Kim Min-jae’s heart. There is no reason to accept a renewal from Napoli if you are pushing for a transfer to another league.

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