KOGAS director Yoo Hoon who wanted the process, KOGAS ‘futures’ that even got the result

March 30, 2023 0 Comments

The KOGAS season is over.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation met Jeonju KCC in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball regular season game held at Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium on the 29th and won 75-57.

On the other hand, Korea Gas Corporation took an active movement this off-season. Lee Dae-seong (193cm, G) was recruited through a trade, and other players were reinforced through free agency. Jeong Hyo-geun (202cm, F) also returned from injury. In addition, it attracted a lot of attention by recruiting Sam Josef Belrangel (178cm, G) as an Asian quota player.

However, it was shaken from the first round. The season started with 2 wins and 7 losses. In the 2nd and 3rd rounds, he recorded consecutive wins, but then fell into a losing streak again. To make matters worse, injuries to players came out, and Korea Gas Corporation hovered around the bottom.

Even in the second half of the season, it did not rebound significantly, and ninth place was confirmed. In particular, the atmosphere was not good because they were on a six-game losing streak until the last game of the regular season. The team’s key players Lee Dae-heon (197cm, F), Lee Dae-seong, and Jung Hyo-geun are also unable to play due to injuries. A situation where young players needed to fight for the beauty of the end and the next season.

In response, Korea Gas Corporation coach Yoo Do-hoon also said in an interview before the game, “Today, we will focus on young players. I hope that Yang Jun-woo and Belrangel will first respond appropriately to the opponent’s defense in the front line. Park Ji-hoon will block the opponent’s main striker. Shin Seung-min asked for the young players to fight, saying, “I hope you can confidently do it with number 3.5.

“All sports are played to win. Still, I hope young players playing today will know that every minute and every second is precious and give them confidence. Those who are prepared can enjoy it,” he said, emphasizing the process. However, Korea Gas Corporation’s young players achieved not only the process but also the results, avoiding the worst season finish.

As coach Yoo said, Shin Seung-min (195cm, F), Yang Jun-woo (185cm, G), Devon Scott (201cm, F), Belrangel, and Park Ji-hoon (193cm, F) came out as starters. On the contrary, KCC’s main players came out except for Heo Woong (185cm, G) to prepare for the playoffs.

Nevertheless, Korea Gas Corporation’s young players were not pushed back. Rather, he was more active in air defense. It was Korea Gas Corporation that recorded 7 offensive rebounds in the first quarter alone. Park Ji-hoon made three 3-pointers from the perimeter. Scott investigated under the goal, and Shin Seung-min crossed the inside and outside. As a result, the first quarter ended with a score of 24-16.

And even in the second quarter, Korea Gas Corporation’s energy was still high. However, the outside did not burst, and the 2-point shot success rate was also somewhat disappointing at 38% (5/13). Nevertheless, the reason why they were able to gain the upper hand was because Murphy Holloway (196cm, F) and Yeom Yoo-seong (186cm, G) exerted their strength. At the end of the second quarter, the score was 37-32.

In the third quarter, Korea Gas Corporation allowed a chase. Heo Woong allowed an outside shot. In addition, Laguna (199cm, C) also conceded and allowed a turnaround. But the trend didn’t last long. Shin Seung-min scored consecutively. In addition, Cho Sang-yeol (188cm, G) and Yum Yu-seong also scored. Yang Jun-woo and Scott firmly held the center. The third quarter ended 55-49.안전놀이터

Korea Gas Corporation drove in the early 4th quarter. I overpowered my opponent in karate. No points were scored in the first three minutes of the quarter. In addition, 8 points were added with the scores of Jo Sang-yeol, Holloway and Belrangel. The score gap widened to 16 points. Even after that, with overflowing energy, the score gap was clearly widened, and they succeeded in escaping their losing streak. It was the last game of the season for Korea Gas Corporation, which caught both the process and the result.

The second season of KOGAS has come to an end. The aggressive investment raised a lot of expectations, but the players’ residual injuries and breathing problems prevented them from achieving results. As a result, it was a failed season.

However, in the last game, they gave hope by putting young players at the fore. The key is remembering the pain of this season and avoiding the same mistakes. If that happens, Korea Gas Corporation’s next season may be different from this season.

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