Korea Curling Federation officially inaugurated the 10th president Han Sang-ho…”I will sweep for players and leaders”

February 24, 2023 0 Comments

The inauguration of Han Sang-ho, the 10th president of the Korea Curling Federation, has been officially approved. 

The Korea Curling Federation announced on the 23rd that it had officially approved the inauguration of Chairman Han Sang-ho at the 2023 regular general meeting at Horiat Space in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 22nd.

The delegates who attended the general meeting as the president of the city/province federation promised active cooperation for the development of curling in Korea, and unanimously resolved to delegate the authority to appoint vice presidents, directors, and chairperson to Chairman Han Sang-ho for the smooth launch of the new executive body스포츠토토. .

In particular, by mobilizing the capabilities of the Korea Curling Federation and regional branch federations, the mixed-double World Championships and Senior World Championships to be held in April were successfully held, and at the World Curling Federation Seoul General Assembly to be held this fall, Korean curling that has grown since the PyeongChang Olympics decided to focus on promoting the development of

With the inauguration of Chairman Han Sang-ho, the Korea Curling Federation, which has overcome the crisis of the chairman’s vacancy, is preparing for international competitions such as ▲2023 World Mixed Doubles Championships ▲2023 World Senior Curling Championships ▲WCF World Federation General Assembly ▲2024 Gangwon Youth Olympics.

In addition, it plans to strengthen its stability in the domestic business field by ▲executive appointment ▲judge training session ▲ice maker training session ▲creation of new competitions ▲revival of the Korea Curling League ▲marketing agent contract ▲supply supply contract ▲securing naming sponsors.

“Curling, which prioritizes fairness and fair play, is a gentlemanly game that can be played without a referee, and a thrilling sport that requires high-level strategies and precise skills,” said new chairman Han Sang-ho. I feel an infinite responsibility. I will become a president who sweeps hard for the players and leaders.”

“As soon as I took office as the chairman, major international events are held one after another in Korea,” he said. We will lay the groundwork,” he added. 

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