Kyun-an Na and Jin-wook Kim go out… From Busan to Hangzhou, internal competition begins

May 5, 2023 0 Comments

The KBO and the Korea Baseball Softball Association announced the preliminary list for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games on April 28, with a total of 198 players. It covered both professional and amateur players.

Given the vast list of 198 players, the final result cannot be predicted. However, it is evaluated that a large number of players that each club and fans are ‘secretly’ pushing are included. And while the Asian Games roster has to compete with players from other teams, there is a prospect that competition may be fierce even within the team. because of the selection method.

KBO, which suffered measles at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, decided not to suspend the season from the next tournament. This year, the season goes as it is except for the selected players. Because of this, if too many players are selected from one team, the season operation may be disrupted. It is expected that there will be a maximum of 3 players per team. No matter how many excellent players there are, it means that 4-5 players cannot all go on a team.

The KBO Power Reinforcement Committee emphasized that “military exemption is not a consideration. We will select players with the best skills.” However, in reality, the benefits of military service cannot be ignored. Lotte, with 14 players named on the reserve list, also has key players to resolve military issues. But not all players can go.

The names that catch the eye the most are right-handers Park Se-woong and Na Kyun-an, left-hander Kim Jin-wook, and infielder Han Dong-hee. These are all unfinished. If the KBO sets an upper limit of 3 players per team, a situation can arise where one player cannot go even if they have a comparative advantage over other team players. However, the joys and sorrows at the beginning of the season are somewhat mixed.

Na Kyun-an and Kim Jin-wook are doing well. Na Gyun-an, who is 25 years old and is eligible, is doing well with an average ERA of 2.39 with 4 wins and 1 loss in 6 games of the season as of the 4th. He is one of the most outstanding right-handers. He has excellent command. Kim Jin-wook is the most stable player in the team this year. He’s going 2-3 with a 1.38 earned run average in 12 games out of the bullpen. As he is a player who was great as a starter, he is capable of multi-innings at any time.

Conversely, Han Dong-hee has a bad start to the season. He has a batting average of 0.190 in 22 games for the season. His OPS, which is the sum of his on-base percentage and slugging percentage, is only 0.552. He has 2 home runs and 12 RBIs, but his batting average is basically down, so he’s not excited with the bat. He is not showing his strengths as Han Dong-hee, who is highly regarded in offense rather than defense. In limited entries, only one professional third baseman is usually selected. To gain an edge over the competition, a stronger attack is needed.메이저사이트

The most interesting is Park Se-woong, a wild card candidate. Park Se-woong, who is unavoidable to enlist if he does not receive military service benefits at this year’s Asian Games, is sluggish with an average ERA of 5.25 and 1 loss in 5 games this season. In fact, Park Se-woong is a player who can occupy the most advantageous position for selection even with some basics. He has memories of performing well in the last World Baseball Classic (WBC). This can lead to the logic of “showing competitiveness on the international stage.” However, if he stays at this level, he will inevitably fall short of the Power Reinforcement Committee’s policy of ‘selecting players with the best skills’.

Lotte manager Larry Sutton diagnosed the problem with Park Se-woong, saying, “The part that ends the inning or finishes the batter is not working.” It is that there is a lack of a clear knot in the post-2 company situation or post-2S situation. However, he embraced Park Se-woong, saying, “Park Se-woong is showing steady performance little by little, and he is working hard to find his consistency.” He said, “It is noteworthy whether a rebound can be achieved in the near future.

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