Lee Jung-hoo said he wasn’t interested… The reason for dispatching scouts is “Top Secret”

February 13, 2023 0 Comments

He clearly said he wasn’t interested.

In fact, Lee Jung-hoo didn’t even show up well in the game. He even asked, “Please remove our team from Lee Jung-hoo’s interest team.”

However, the actual behavior was different. The team’s scout appeared at Lee Jung-hoo’s Arizona camp. He showed his will to keep an eye on Lee Jung-hoo from a close distance. A scout in charge of Asia for the club said the reason for dispatching a scout to look for Lee Jung-hoo was “Tip Secret.”

Lee Jung-hoo is a player that the major leagues are paying attention to. MLB.COM carries the story of Lee Jeong-hoo every day in an article introducing the World Baseball Classic (WBC).

However, not all 30 clubs are interested in Lee Jung-hoo. Teams with plenty of space in the outfield are inevitably less interested.

Even in actual domestic matches, scouts could be classified into teams that constantly observe Lee Jung-hoo, teams that check him once in a while, and teams that show no interest.

However, there was a club that showed a difference between the reaction in Korea and the United States.

The club, which did not check Lee Jung-hoo’s matches in domestic matches, dispatched a scout to Lee’s spring camp.

What is the true meaning?

A scout in charge of Asia for club A, who did not show interest in Lee Jung-hoo, said, “I can’t tell you why. It is true that he was not interested in Lee Jung-hoo. It is difficult to say whether it has changed now or whether it will change in the future. I needed to look after Lee Jung-hoo, so I can only 온라인카지노say that the scout went. No one knows what will happen in the future,” he said.

This, too, can be thought of as a glimpse into what the major leagues think of Lee Jung-hoo.

Although the specific reason was not explained, it can be interpreted that there is an intention to accumulate data even now because there has been a lack of data on Lee Jung-hoo.

The scouts currently looking for Lee Jung-hoo’s Kiwoom camp are not in charge of Asia. They are local scouts to cross-check with the Asian team.

It can be said that they are moving to find out how reliable the report on Lee Jung-hoo is and whether it is at a level that can be used in the major leagues.

It can also be seen as an attempt to minimize the potential impact of not scouting Lee Jung-hoo. It may be that they are collecting data that can explain “why they didn’t select Lee Jung-hoo” when Lee Jung-hoo performed well after entering the major leagues.

Whatever the reason, it seems that there will be no change to the fact that Lee Jung-hoo is attracting explosive attention in the major leagues.

It can be interpreted that Lee Jung-hoo’s sense of weight has led to the movement of the club, which has not been interested in so far.

Another thing has become clear with this incident.

Major League Baseball’s interest in Lee Jung-hoo is sincere.

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