Lee Young-soo, acting manager of Heungkuk, also resigned… “Same thoughts as former director Kwon Soon-chan”

Acting coach Lee Young-soo, who took over the baton due to the hardship of former coach Kwon Soon-chan of Heungkuk Life Insurance, expressed his appreciation after 3 days.

Acting coach Lee announced his resignation immediately after leading the game against GS Caltex to victory at Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium on the 5th.

Acting manager Lee said, “I had the same thought since the manager left, and I told the club that I would quit today’s game for the last time.”

He, who had assisted Kwon as head coach until a few days ago, was appointed acting coach on the 2nd when former coach Kwon was suddenly sacked along with former general manager Kim Yeo-il.

Acting manager Lee, who had been with former manager Kwon all his life as a player and coach, led the team to victory by correcting the chaotic team atmosphere that day, but eventually resigned.

He said, “During college, I played the game together as a freshman and the coach as a senior, and at KB Insurance, I learned how to guide players and run a team (from former coach Kwon).” “he said.

Previously, Shin Yong-jun, the new director of the new team, pointed out the background of former coach Kwon’s hardship, and also stood in the position of former coach Kwon on the issue of ‘placement of Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena Mrazenovich (registered name Yelena) in front and rear’. 메이저사이트

Previously, Director Shin said, “Among fans, there was an opinion that it would be better to divide Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena into the front and rear rather than put them in the front line.” I know it was done,” he explained.

Acting coach Lee said, “I don’t know where (the talk of putting the front and rear positions) come from, such as the fan club or the volleyball world.” said.

He added, “Even if I stayed with him (as acting manager), it would be the same situation (I decided to resign).”

On the other hand, acting manager Lee said, “On the 2nd (when the hardening was announced), the players were agitated and it was difficult to exercise.” conveyed the atmosphere.