Let’s reorganize by lottery for 12 teams in both leagues… Coach Shinjo “Conceived from the days of the player”, a shocking proposal

January 19, 2023 0 Comments

The Yomiuri Giants or Hanshin Tigers of the Central League may go to the Pacific League, and the Nippon-Ham Fighters or Orix Buffaloes of the Pacific League may move to the Central League. If Nippon Ham coach Suyoshi Shinjo (51)’s proposal becomes a reality. This is an idea that coach Shinzo presented at a supervisory meeting of 12 Nippon Professional Baseball teams held on the 18th.

Japanese media reported that coach Shinzo made two proposals for the development of Japanese professional baseball. The first is to break the existing frame of both leagues. He said to make a fresh start by rearranging 12 teams into two leagues through a lottery. He can show his fans something new, he said. He explained that it was not an abrupt remark, but that he had conceived it from the time he played for Hanshin.메이저놀이터

Nippon Professional Baseball was established in 1950 as a two-league system. Currently, there are 12 teams in total, 6 teams in each league. In the meantime, several teams have been founded, some teams have disappeared, team names have changed, and there have been mergers between teams, but this framework has been maintained. The Central League, where Yomiuri and Hanshin belong, has more spectators than the Pacific League and is more popular.

Coach Shinzo, a former outfielder, has experienced both leagues. After playing for Hanshin, he moved to the major leagues and played three seasons. When he returned to Japan, he joined Nippon Ham instead of Hanshin. He started his career in the Central League and retired in the Pacific League.

Nippon Professional Baseball has made various attempts in the meantime. Interleague and exchange matches between the two leagues were introduced to bring vitality to the team. A sense of crisis over the slump in professional baseball came into play. The first-place teams in both leagues held the Japan Series, and interest was raised by introducing a post-season and climax series in which up to 3rd place in each league participated. However, in the current situation, the possibility of reorganizing the two leagues is slim. The existing system is solid, and there is no similar case.

The other is the strongest match between the Japan Series champion and the World Series champion. I wanted to find the best team in the world. This is also unrealistic. After the season is over, there is no reason for the World Series champion team to play against the Japan Series champion team for the title. In the major leagues, Nippon Professional Baseball is rated at the level of Triple A in the minor leagues.

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