LG 5 selection competition wild card appearance, there is no reason not to be in 2017 2019

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 It is a surprise card. As he had just finished his active service, the club’s initial point of joining the first team was mid-season. However, it is evaluated that he was surprisingly well prepared. If he shows his best form, he becomes a reliable pitcher. LG right pitcher Kim Dae-hyeon (26), who was discharged from the military on the 11th, competes to enter the starting lineup at the Arizona spring camp in the United States.

It was a past career that reflected both possibilities and limitations. Kim Dae-hyun, who wore an LG uniform as the first nomination in 2016, became the hope of the LG starters in the summer of 2017, the second year of his joining. He pitched 5 or more innings in all 4 games he started from July 13 to August 1 and won 3 games. The team won all the games in which Kim Dae-hyun started. At the time, it seemed that the young starting pitcher that LG had been waiting for was born.

Since then, he has not been consistent as a starting pitcher, but he changed his position in 2019 and showed off his potential again. From the middle of the 2019 season, along with Go Woo-seok and Jung Woo-young, they formed a trio of Young Gun Pil Seung-jo, and LG returned to the fall baseball stage after 3 years. He left a strong impression in the postseason by making full use of his fastball with good spin and a variety of pitches he learned through his starting experience. However, he failed to continue his upward trend the following season and enlisted as an active soldier during the 2021 season.

Usually, players who have returned from military service spend time preparing for the real battle. LG also has a three-month program for veterans to digest. However, Kim Dae-hyun was an exception. Inside the club, Dae-hyun Kim was evaluated as having prepared well enough to participate in the camp right away. LG Pitching Coach Kyung Heon-ho said, “I made a really good body while serving in the military. He also lost a lot of weight. He is a player who played both starting and middle, and he plans to digest the starting program at camp.” 온라인바카라

The LG mound boasts strong depth, but the bullpen is thicker than the starters. Casey Kelly, Adam Plutko, and Kim Yun-sik can be regarded as constants in the three starters, but the fourth starter is a question mark. Even if Lee Min-ho, who had a lot of ups and downs in winning and losing last year, is fixed as the 4 starters, the remaining one digit is a question mark. Dae-Hyun Kim competes for a spot in the starting lineup with Chan-Gyu Lim, Hyo-Jong Kang, Ji-Gang Lee, and You-Young Kim from Arizona.

The competition continues until the demonstration game, but changes can occur at any time during the season. Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop expressed his intention to run the season with up to eight starting pitchers ready. Kim Yun-sik, who participates in the World Baseball Classic, can be managed occasionally and can participate in the Asian Games in September. In this case, more pitchers will have to rotate through the first-team rotation.

Just looking at his pitch, he is not inferior to his competitors. The mid-2017 and the second half of 2019 have been intense. If Kim Dae-hyun reproduces the appearance at that time, the LG mound will be upgraded.

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